It's Thursday




Have fun!! Woo.


No way!


Great stuff man, good to hear it! Also, Seasons In The Abyss is an absolute classic.

Without a doubt.


Whereabouts you going? will you by riding a bike?


The world championships were last month m7, you’re late


How original!


I was originally going to try and make it for the world champs, but work got in the way

@Unlucky bergen then oslo & maybe


Fuckin work


THAT WAS THE POINT :stuck_out_tongue:


Mate, the bookends are ridiculous on it.


One of my favourite videos ever and the first song I ever learned on bass. What a choon.




Going off for an afternoon casual work at the local art museum. I think it’s serving drinks at the opening of a Tracey Emin exhibition. This could be great or it could be terrible.


off to have a gander at tracey’s bed?


i’m getting perilously close to finishing an entire share bag (3-4 servings, apparently) of bbq bugles by myself.

i bought loads of chocolate this morning as well. i think at this point a proper adult probably needs to intervene :confused:


Playing a gig tonight to raise money for Place2Be. Going to be a banger.


Great cause man, we’re neighbours with them, I’m looking at their office right now, they do great work.


it’s because you’re an adult that you can do this though (and it’s also fine)


Hello Dis. I just clicked the “summarise this topic” button on the OP - it gives a very odd impression of you all talking across each other, but it did highlight @PocketMouse’s M&S story, so completely worth it.

Today I have mostly been dealing with insurance, legal and loan car people following yesterday’s accident. I should shortly be receiving my new phone from DPD (Google Pixel) and this evening I’m heading into London to meet a friend from university who’s in town with his 9 year old (they’re visiting the Harry Potter Studios thing tomorrow).

Supposed to be working this afternoon, but not sure I’m going to get much done tbh.