It's Thursday


This is the most important thing I will say today -

Bourbon biscuits are AMAZING.


You are 100% right on everything


u too :heart:


just helped an old geezer complete his crossword



how are you? how was the holiday? (aside from mr pn being a div and hurting himself!)


I need a reference for something by tomorrow and the person doing it is being oddly silent (after agreeing to do it). Not sure if I should ask someone else to start doing one as backup.


Was this an academic?

You might as well work on the back up.


was really good, excellent weather, rode up a bloody mountain on my own which I was shitting myself about beforehand but obvs it turned out fine (just really fucking difficult). girona is really nice too so lots of nice bars and cafes and restuarants. we had so much (many?) tapas!


Going back to office was a bit weird/hard initially today but as usual nothing has happened. Going to see Grizzly Bear later at least



nice work! glad you had a good time :slight_smile:


Yeah, kind of. Urgggghhhh hate asking people to do things for me.


was this tapas legit?
@profk @ericthefourth



eaten in a bar?
where they either free or cheap?
did you eat tapas as a substitute for a main meal?

  • yes
  • yes (1-3 euro each) (one instance of free tapas, interestingly i’ve never had proper free tapas apart from in granada)
  • sometimes yes, mainly no


Still working through some residual lurgy which is annoying because I’m supposed to be competing this weekend. :expressionless:



thats fine…




this is no time for celebration.



I’m in a cafe in Cardiff trying to do some work so I can meet up with my friends in a bit but the work I need to do involves transcribing a recording of an interview which is SO BORING and also involves listening to myself speak so I’m doing a whole lot of other things instead