It's Thursday


Literally saw a diser walk past a while ago


fucking pooped guys


Whenever I buy them I always think these are too cheap, I would pay more than that.


I have never bought them! Never. They’ve always just come in one of those assortment packs or someone else had them. Today though it all finally made sense, they’re the perfect tea dunker. I don’t even like dunking my biscuits in tea but… but yeah.


Train wine has been opened :+1:


in Norway


nice! you packin’ pre rolled dude?

enjoy the gig!


Is this some kind of DiS exchange with @whiterussian?


No ® way!

When you getting pished with @whiterussian?


Fucking amen bro, I’m a seasoned campaigner :+1::grinning:


I told her I was coming to norway and she immediately booked the next flight out of the country :frowning:


Prove it.


Did you ask for a passport stamp?


Eat all the skillingsboller


no, was actually slightly worried that they would give me one. only have two pages left in my passport and I need them for a visa for work when I get home


what’s yer plan then?


also did you fly Norwegian and if so how great is it/wifi


bergen -> oslo

sas on the way out, norwegian on the way back. sas were pretty unremarkable tbqh


OMG YOU’RE THERE ALREADY? What are you getting up to while I’m away? Going to Bergen?

Edit: Seen your previous post now


Norwegian made me wait 3 hours inside the plane before take-off yesterday. Also the wifi is barely existing, but yeah, cool that it’s there.