It's Thursday


got a really oily face today for some reason


never flown SAS but sounds like Norwegian will be a treat.

Sweet so train across? Any stops? I played in a church crypt in Bergen, but otherwise, the sky lift is awesome, the fortress/castle is really good as is the old town (Bryggen) on the harbour and I really enjoyed Apollon record store/bar, Garage (Nirvana played their once!) there was another really nice bar that I can’t remember cuz drunk


oh yeah the first time I came over we had to wait 5 hours at Gatwick…


I think the bar called Legal is the most hip and happening place. I’ve only stopped by very briefly on one occasion but one of my favourite bands (Razika) keep mentioning it in songs and stuff


honestly cannot find a single thing with a flag on it in this entire airport


I think it was Henrik øl og vinstove or Tasting Room


is that opposite Garage?


I think there’s more in departures

@Severed799: I do not remember, due to being drunk. I’m sure it’s not far, anyway.


google maps point towards the 7Eleven opposite, I think I remember the one you mean


actually, next to that and yes definitely went there too and it was good.

Basically @japes Nygårdsgaten is a good street for boozin’


tbh I wasn’t really expecting a flag, more just signs in a different language.


I got a mystery Nice Post!


I mean I OBVIOUSLY deserve all the accolades I can get but what’s this for? Just a freebee from sean for general nice postness?


Finally got my fucking boiler fucking fixed. Replaced in fact. Gone from lukewarm water (which infuriatingly cut out, only when running baths) to water that is in fact too hot. It will take some getting used to.


You’ll need to get a cold tap fitted m8


just did a fucking great impression of Saruman in the office - i’m such a hero right now.


you could be as cool as this guy


Somebody make him sleep.


Just cringed so much it nearly gave me an aneurysm


The way he just sits down at the end! :joy:


Fuck yessssss I’m not working this weekend