It's Thursday


It was in the exhibition- but I didn’t actually see inside today. I was waiting the tables at the dinner for the guests.

I was assigned to the top table- so Tracey Emin, Jay Jopling, rich important art/media people. They were all very polite and pleasant and I’d say actively nice to me, but it still made me feel weirdly angry in a diffuse way. Especially when Nick Serota was mentioned in a positive light in one of the speeches. (The guy who was until recently head of the Tate-he casualised and minumum waged his employees, and then when he left had the cheek to ask them for a whip-around to buy him a yacht, which caused quite a lot of rage).

Like this is a room full of the people whose decisions keep jobs in galleries and museums minimum wage and insecure, and make sure the path to higher positions is solely through unpaid internships and nepotism. The people who keep the art world closed off and inaccessible.

I also heard them bitching about the corporation tax in the UK being too high. (The UK has one of the lowest around).


Managed to win tickets to see Downtown Boys tonight, yessss. My mates’ rock outfit are supporting, so should be A Nice Time.


ew, yeah. not cool. that sounds like quite a hard day to me :frowning:

will you go and see the exhibition at some point? let me know what you think if you do. i’m not usually a huge fan of tracey emin, but she’s got a few pieces dotted around town here which i quite like, and i’d be interested to come
and see the bed at some point just because it’s such a massive cultural phenomenon.


Yeah I’m not a particular fan of her art, but actually I do really like her writing. Her autobiography is a good read and well-written.