It's Thursday


What’s going on, folks? Much to report?


Morning. I’m in Cardiff this morning, and currently weighing up what’s more important to me, going down for a hotel breakfast or another 20 minutes in bed. Beds winning currently.


Morning pnik + laelfy

My bus is normally a bendy bus and they’ve sent a single length one, this is a bad thing.Today is also the second day in a row that the bus doors have closed on me. Buses.






Yeah I’m up now. Gonna have to be a quick one though.


Oh my word - tiptree chocolate orange spread


That sounds amazing! It sounds less childish than most chocolate-based spreads too (probably has a cartoon orange on the jar now I have said that).

Morning all and etc,

I have a second ‘day off’ in a row (kid is with his dad), so I am going to be kicking back and doing housework and homework, probably listening to the new Ought track a bunch of times too.


Loving that track


Morning . Eating porridge. Work was well stressful yesterday, hope today is better


Going to get a later bus into work. Cannot be arsed.


Just worked out I have 14 days in the office before I go on holiday in December.

Unfortunately, have a lot of work to do out of the office and an exam.


Morning @plasticniki @laelfy @carmen @jordan_229 @thewarn @Flashinglight @rich-t @grievoustim @kallgeese and @Unlucky

WFH today. Got to do a harvest assembly at 1.30pm.


Luckily for you, there were ten of you who had posted, and I can only tag a maximum of ten people.


Birthday today. Thought a lovely way to celebrate would be to go to work until 5pm, come back, hours kip, go to 2nd job until the following morning for on-call shift and get woken around 3am like last few times!! So excited!!


Happy birthday IOS / prisonkeith!





Gotta take the bins out.


Morning all. I’ve got Ebola or something so am taking the day off work.

Week off work next week thank fuck.


Morning c_c_b!

Nearly got killed at the traffic lights by a driver who completely ignored a red light. Properly lost it and legged it doen the road after them giving them the middle finger. Not my proudest moment but it’s really fucks me off when that happens.