It's Thursday

Alright mates? Lovely day outside.

I’ve had a sore throat for a week now, probably an infection isn’t it, or tonsillitis (hurts to swallow loads), fuuuuuu.

What you got on? I’m gonna ride to work shortly.


I’ve got 6 hours of calls on today, niki, 6 hours. I don’t want to do today.


Morning PN, ATT, etc…
Another day of job hunting for me today, it’s a lovely day here too so might go for a walk. Probably make a massive vat of chilli and watch more six feet under too. I really need a job.

Morning Marty - you all moved now?

Yeah we’re officially fully moved. Just got every other aspect of life to sort out now!


Morning PN, ATT, GP, MFH

Sorry to hear about the throat/calls. Good luck with the job hunting. Hope the day brightens up and becomes lovely.

I’ve got shitloads to do today. Proofing, writing a report, reviewing some CVs. Good news is it’s a national holiday in Hong Kong so I should have a minimum of emails and stuff to deal with from my team there.

Gonna go get my hair cut this morning. It’s reached the point where it’s actually more obvious that I’m receding than if there was less hair on my head overall.

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I’m in desperate need of a haircut and the mandate to hire and consequently review some CVs.

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Morning all!

It seems like a nice day here. I am also going for a haircut. Wor Lass and The Child are going to spend the day with her mother, so I’m on my own from about midday until tomorrow afternoon.

No managers at work so getting absolutely loads done without them yapping at me.

Got smashed last night.

Trying out for a band tomorrow - gonna have to learn how to play guitar again. In a night.

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It is a lovely day, so thought I would treat myself to doing a presentation of some development work to some managers at 9am where they will probably ask why the process isn’t some sort of sentient being that can leave them to put their feet up, or put in some last minute must have that hasn’t been mentioned for 2 months iamboringmyselfwithwritingthis

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Good morning all. Having a cup of tea and listening to the radio here. Got training this morning in work so going to go in later. Have missed this training session three times already so should probably attend it!


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working from home again as someone is coming to fix our oven. Meant to be here between 11 and 2, will it be

  • Before 11am
  • 11am -> 12pm
  • 12pm -> 1pm
  • 1pm -> 1:58pm
  • 1:58pm
  • After 2pm

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Gorgeous day here, listening to @Bamnan’s EP and eating Weetos, not the worst start to the day I’ve ever had


Having a cuppa then off to midwife in a minute. Wearing shorts, as it’s lovely outside, but reckoning I might regret that decision as soon as I step out of the door. Spending the rest of today washing all the baby stuff and making the most of the sunshine by drying them on the line.

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it’s a beautiful day. I’m working in a room with no windows and the heating turned all the way up. might die.

got a free ticket for earthless in Manchester tonight if anyone wants it. fcfs.

Working from home on an assignment for a course through work. Beautiful day here.

Got classic FM hall of fame on to get relaxed and educated at the same time. Although sure there will be plenty of bangers too

:coffee: :crazy_face:

looking good here too :slight_smile:

Two solid, solid choices

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