It's Thursday


Well I’m sitting in the hospital waiting for my wife to go into surgery to clear out a miscarriage.

So I hope everyone else is having a better day.

Are we sure this time?

Really sorry to hear that. I can’t imagine what the two of you must be feeling today.


Not really but I’m going for it anyway.

If Epimer’s watch says so, it must be true.

Huge hugs for both of you :frowning:


Take care of yourself man as well as your wife, really sorry. Much love to you both.

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Off to Manchester today for work presentations. Don’t need to be there until 2 so mooching a bit, then pop into the office in MK, have a coffee somewhere and hop on the smelly, squashed and uncomfortable Virgin Train.

not really sure I can deal with the days of the week being defined as either Thursday or not. how am I to know what to dread and when to dread it?


Dread everything, dread often


Former housemate update: he has agreed to pay back the amount I asked for (time will tell), but has doubled down on his ‘Charles Murray was right’ argument that was one of the main reasons we fell out, apparently I’m the bad one for challenging him on that. No ableist gaslighting in this email so that’s progress I suppose.

Might go and see bill and ted in a pizza restaurant tonight, might not


Did feck all on my day off yesterday. Oh well. Two day mini week ahead.

Merry Fridayeve everyone!

This part is news to me! Pleased to hear you seem to be getting somewhere.

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Today’s a bit of a nothing day so far. It’ll be deemed good or bad depending on whether I get Stereolab tickets in about twenty minutes time.

Much love to @UncleRetrospective and family. Been there, done that, and it’s such a sad time :’(

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Oh shit there’s going to be Netrunner Euros this year after all.

I’m behind on prep, going to have to start listening to Eye of the Tiger on loop from now on to compensate.

Yeah one day at dinner he came out with it (off the back of the Sam Harris podcast), I tried to challenge him based on what I knew but he tried to convince me it was vindicated mainstream science, I went away and looked into it it isn’t , very tactfully brought it up (framed it as Sam Harris was wrong not him). He got super agitated started accusing me of reading ‘neo-marxist’ websites, treated me like a real idiot. So it wasn’t just that he held these dodgy beliefs it was the complete lack of respect he had when engaging me with it (his argument to this day is I’ve ‘bullied’ him saying ‘disgusting evil things’ i.e saying he was supporting a racist, I maintain that the views he expressed were disgusting things that I respectfully challenged him on, he has been objectively way more abusive towards me). Wasn’t the only reason we fell out, the grand he owed me for three years, and letting the bills get to debt collector stage and him getting irate for my giving notice with his full knowledge is what tipped it , but the Murray stuff was a big factor because when we fell out over these other things I had no real motivation to want to reconcile anymore as I wasn’t comfortable with him as a person. His latest thing has been to send me a Quillette article, just a cursory exploration of Quillette and I feel fully vindicated in my view of him

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…after this The Donnas playlist is finished.

gol de scholes