it's thursday

you know i’m speaking the truth


Spoilers, man : (

Anyway, hope your throat improves. There’s that throat spray over the counter that can help.

Morning double-cow.

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Morning cow, jazzy and Theo

Quite nice to be up so early isn’t it


how do we know you’re not jazzballet’s evil doppelganger :ghost:


good late afternoon or something Theo!

morning juke
been up since 4 didn’t get back in til 5

can’t be bothered sleeping now

It is about twenty to five yes. And it’s fucking hot.

*takes a gander at the weather*

oh my


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Morning cowcow and etc.



You know if you ever enjoyed the game The Incredible Machine then this exists

Have fun man. Fuckin. Loved japan. Can’t wait to go back

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Woke up with this in my head


i initially thought those were fishes leaping out of and back into the water


enjoy your holiday/travels



Morning everyone

Mother’s Day cut flowers launch today. Yay

But you’re going to miss so much exciting Brexit stuff! Gutted for you m9

(I’m sure it goes without saying but have the best time! :smiley:)

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good cow


Back in the office today. I’m sure these stabbing pains in my stomach will go away soon.

I am very jealous of your destination (if not of your flights). Have a good time and remember to eat all of the food while you are there! (I would mostly want to go for the food)

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Morning cows and other barnyard animals.

Tiny human alarm clock continued his erratic form and was up early and also inconsolably upset for a good while :cry:. Happily munching away on a hot cross bun now and making all the crumbs.

Going to be a long day.

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