It's Thursday

So here is a thread.

I hope you enjoy it.

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Thanks juke. You too!

About to cycle in - currently -1 outside. Hmm.

Goooooood mooooooorniiiiiingah

Alright. Off to Brighton to sort wedding rings, eat food and drink beer


Already peed in a tube today, so hard to see how my day’s going to improve from here tbh.



Good morning everyone!

There’s a piece of art hanging in our hotel room (thinly veiled we’re on holiday post) and it’s completely done me.


Reckon I could have made a good go of that actually. Was worried about filling the tube as I didn’t really need to go, but it was overflowing almost immediately. I actually thought “whoa Nelly!”

Who thinks “whoa Nelly” in 2019 ffs


Ooft, it’s stepped on a plug.


I’m on a plane. I can’t complain (well I could, but I won’t)

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Need to pick my bike up


Then going to Look Mum No Hands to drink 5 beers to get one of these


Drink ten and give me a hat pls :smiley:


Morning all!

WFH today, and it’s a beautiful sunny day :+1:

Time for a coffee, then the nursery run.

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Morning Juke, all,

I made it into the office for a meeting, but I’m coughing a spluttering all over the place. As I walked up the stair from the car park there was a scent that took me back to a school. I think it might have been the one I went to one day a week when I was at play school. I hated that place. Thankfully we moved before I go the chance to go there for good. Anyway, I quite enjoyed the few sniffs I managed to get before it faded.

Not got much else to tell you right now. Um, I put my lunch in the fridge. I don’t normally do that, but it’d been out all night, so I thought it best. pretty excited about lunch too, so that’s good. might go catch up on the news now. Talk to you soon.


Just got tickets for the Fixity album launch on Friday. OH YEAH

Have to pay rent today. OH NO

I went there a few weeks ago as it happened to be the nearest decent-looking brunch place to where I was staying. The food was awesome and the guy who runs it(?) was so nice even I liked him.

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for some reason there were two swivel chairs at my desk today. there were when I was last here too, it’s as if someone’s telling me to swivel (two swivel… nah, doesn’t work, but I’ve opened these parentheses so I’ll darn well shut them). Anyway, I’ve been sat here for the last 45 with the extra chair keeping me company, but I just realised, I don’t want any company. So, I took that chair and have it slightly more of a heaving shove than I intended and it clattered right into the presumably decorative filing cabinets, back there. Felt like a right thug. Realised in that moment why no one dares mess with me. Still not sure why we’d have filing cabinets in the digital age though.

Two people I’ve never spoken to before have said hello to me today.


Fucking cba

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Sharing best man duties with @anon76851889 today at our other bruv’s wedding. Before that got to take the little man (no, not @anon76851889) for a haircut, confirm for the umpteen hundredth time that my daughter doesn’t have to walk down the aisle if she doesn’t want to, buy a card, buy some socks, buy some sunglasses and get some cash out. Looking a decent day for it thus far.

Oh, and no drinking so small talk anxiety will be off the scale.