It's Thursday

You know what time it is.

I was up half the night with bloating and abdominal pain so that was fun. Can only attribute it to the massive portion of veg I had last night.

Currently nursing a peppermint tea. Goin into work today to see my WBF.

Woken up repeatedly through the night by the cat wailing and lamenting, to the point that I’ve decided to just give up and start the day. Ah well, still love her.


she’s now curled up and happily snoozing on the sofa of course

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I was also up half the night, just can not sleep at all lately and it’s driving me mad. Lay there from 4am until about 6 then obviously fell into a lovely sleep 30 minutes before my alarm went off.

Why are humans so bad at sleeping if its something we need so much?

Tummy feels a bit meh today also but imagine that’s nerves because tomorrow is my London trip :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Off for some weekend related waxing today then it’s my atd’s birthday so hoping to have a quick catch up over some cake.


Woke up an hour ago with period pains and haven’t got back to sleep yet

Clearly hysterical from lack of sleep. Just decided to listen to Proud Corazon from Coco and lay in bed sobbing whilst M laughed at me. That song :broken_heart::sparkling_heart:

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Bonjour mes amis

I’ve actually got some fun plans my day off today - a bit of stand up paddle boarding up the river Ouse with some mates. Frustratingly I need to be home by 2.30 to pick up Jimbo from holiday club. Oh well

Before I head off, I might go for a run - I’m planning to do ParkRun for the first time in about 18 months this weekend and don’t want to make a fool of myself

Morning all!

I don’t really have plans today.

I could return some shorts I bought the other day and will probably eat a Five Guys burger if I do; I could just stay in the house and play computer games.



Day 6 of isolation - I’m halfway through

Back wfh today but hopefully won’t be too busy. Trying to get my shit together and not wallow like I have last couple of days

Having garden brekkie


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Mini golf is go this morning.

Then going to see my friends new dog

Super stuff.


Morning all :wave:

Last day of WFD. Supposed to be going out for dinner tonight and was hoping to sit outside on Babbacombe Downs but the weather is looking poo. Worst case scenario: we’ll get chips from the chippy and eat them under the shelter like two pensioners :slight_smile:


Day trip to Brighton.
Going to see the damn SEA! YESSS!



I’m making the kids climb Ben A’an. They couldn’t be less enthusiastic.


Remember to stay hydrated


Had one of these the past couple of nights to help with my sleep and its worked a treat but the dreams I’ve been having on them :woozy_face:



Had a dream a conversation Southgate had with someone got leaked in which he said “we could beat Greece with our finger in our arse”.


Still angry about Harry Maguire?

The new Cillit Bang adverts have got a bit edgy, haven’t they


Going to a meeting this afternoon for which I will have to wear a suit for the first time in @18 months.

Was worried that I’d bake to death in it, but instead I’ve also had to dig out my smart rain coat too.

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Mannnn I’m tired

My bud had a moment when the rains went hard yday so had to go out with a saw to help :frowning:

Have given him a haircut, propped him and hopefully means the roots are still okay