But with tomorrow being a bank holiday, it’s going to feel like Friday!

What have you got on?


Feel free to interpret this as activities or clothes

Having a lovely time in Cadiz - weather just got really good. We’re staying right by the cathedral and things are kicking off everywhere for Easter, parades and bands every which way. Our AirBnB hosts sent me this on WhatsApp yesterday:


Off to drop eldest at Easter club at nursery then off to get my barnet chopped. Working 3-11 again today so might try and walk a bit this morning

Lol, no it’s not for me.

Got bugger all sleep last night. Have a cough and sore throat (but testing covid negative). Woke up late for work. Worrying about the weekend because my stupid fomo dictated i needed to buy blue dot tickets at the same time as my friends rather than wait a month.

Yeah some might say im stressed and tired but ultimately am in a good place. And should be thankful for that’l but my impulses have done a wonderful job of sabotaging me once again. Was up all night worrying about it

But heres a gif of a duck

Bird Attack GIF



  • All the work I failed to do this week, including going into the office, meaning today will be much more hectic than it needed to be. Plus off all next week so gotta set things up for that. But …
  • Off next week!
  • Meeting friend for a coffee/lunch


  • Striped PJ bottoms
  • Green tee
  • Big warm blue John Lewis jumper

Drinking some coffee in bed rn then have to sit through an online fire safety course for work 🫠

Will take the dog for a nice long sunny walk afterwards

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Good morning,
Up early as the dog decided it was breakfast time …she used the single bark every 30 seconds tactic until I agreed.
Today I will be trying to do the things I failed to do yesterday which were actually planned the day before etc.

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No actual plans.

Dog did his usual cheek of making me get up at 6 then going back to sleep on my lap for 2 hours.

Grey and murky here.

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Happy Maundy Thursday one and all.

Not sure what time we’re supposed to be logging off this afternoon as there’s been no word yet but likely by lunch. Then :beers: :beers: :beers: :beers:

It’s also this day


I’m up and that’s enough.


Lets get Maundy

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Blessed day

Oh hello


Getting a bit sad i have no plans for the weekend

Savage Mansion album launch at Stereo tomorrow?

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Morning cariños

Misguidedly thought it would be ok to fit in two appointments before my train as well as heading in the opposite direction to town for easter club drop off, past me is so optimistic about my time management skills.

Grouper tonight and hopefully gonna post a good door in the doors you pass thread.


good to see, didn’t want to have to come chasing you up about this! the threads won’t keep themselves running

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Furious with myself for somehow accidentally setting a 7 o’clock alarm :yawning_face: