It's Thursday

Alright? Had a really shit night’s sleep and now I’m tired out before I’m even out of bed. Got to work late to do a tour then off to a dinner/quiz/event for a thing we’re sponsoring so at least that’s something different. What’s on today then?

Taking the dog to doggy daycare (via coffee) in a mo so may have a slightly more productive day than usual.

Have a good one all.

The CEO fucking @'d me on WhatsApp at 7.13


Finished a 6-6 shift earlier. Went for a walk after. Saw this

Will get a couple of hours kip and mooch before doing a 7-11 this evening


Another member of the shite night’s sleep club checking in right here.

Where do i collect my complementary eye mask and horse tranquillisers?

Work. Then a big football game. Listen, i hate our support just as much as anyone but me and lopes want a result.. Then sleep. More work. Then sleep. Then it’s the weekend, and what’s more, it’s a weekend where me and the wife finally get a night out together for the first time since fuck knows when. Accompanied by quite a few of my (sort of our) drunken friends but still, a night out is a night out.

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Morning! Waking up earlier recently, maybe it’s the sun? Wasted brought me a tea before he left so now I’m having tea in bed. About to go feed that cat and then pop to the shops for milk and a few other bits.

Gotta finish this book I’m half way through for my course and I wanna swim at lunch time, so hope nothing annoying happens at work to delay me!

I would like to opt out of Thursdays please.

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I feel like my eye sight would be the thing that really prevented me taking up bird watching - I’m assuming they don’t just sit down in front of you for identification.

going for lunchtime tacos

Bit early isn’t it?


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I am going at “lunchtime”

Saw Stewart Lee last night. Was amazing.


Treating myself to a 9am start today. Currently on the sofa, catted.

It’s my birthday so taking the day off. Itinerary:
Really Good Records
Lunch at Royal William Yard
Ferry to Mount Edgcumbe

Got a Kenwood Multipro Express, so will unbox at some point!


Happy birthday :partying_face:

Have a great day!


Driving lesson at ten o’clock. Fucking Hell I hate driving.

Fucking off for a holiday with A to this place after work. Can’t wait to read some books.


HB myyada!

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Went to bed at a decent time, slept through the night, still feel absolutely exhausted.

Sacked off going into the office, will try to have a productive day but I can already tell it’s a long shot.

Still so tired from the weekend. Woke up at 8.30 when I should have been well on the way to work. Feel much more of a wreck than i have any right to.

Little fox just sauntered past me though and I’ve got my favourite breakfast :yum: