It's Thursday

Eating crisps and chocolate for my tea alongside a few beers has somewhat unsurprisingly made me feel like shit today.

Want to get back in bed

Geddon bey! Happy birthday :partying_face:

We’ve got 5ive baby foxes living under our greenhouse at the moment. Can’t get close enough for a decent photo but here they are larking about



I’ve not seen our babies here yet, going to keep my eyes peeled <3


Morning all!

Another 3am wake up from The Child. I just gave up and moved into her bed until before 7.00.

I’m doing my last live exam class before the exam itself today but I have a funny feeling nobody will turn up because Maths is on Tuesday and they need the study time.

happy birthday! Is Really Good Records still going then? I remember when it was up on North Hill but that area’s been redeveloped so much I assumed it had gone.

If this happened in our garden Smudge would be on the ceiling.

It moved to Bretonside which was the golden era - nice big shop. But that’s been developed into ‘The Barcode’ so it had to move again to above Bretonside, opposite where The Barcode is, but to smaller premises. Different guy runs it now.

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FAO of @myyada



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setting off on the 2 and half hour drive to the ferry for islay soon. might stop in at loch fyne if we have time. canny wait, gorgeous day for a drive/ferry ride. :ferry: :red_car: :grinning:

and a very happy birthday @myyada hope you have a great day. :slight_smile: :+1:


Happy Thursday!

Peanut butter on toast for breakfast, so I’ll be finding bits of peanut in my teeth all morning. And no, I won’t consider smooth peanut butter.

Then I did the school run and had to sprint home because I had a 9 o clock call.

The high point of my day will be visiting the Apple Genius Bar at lunchtime, to work out why notifications aren’t playing through my headphones. And it’s not just that the notifications aren’t happening, the volume is dipping on what’s playing, but the announcement doesn’t happen. Notifications were working earlier this year though, so it’s probably an issue with a more recent version of iOS

Thanks! I’m up to Scotland (Bute) on Sat!

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aw brillaint, hopefully this sun stays out for you. :sun_with_face:

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YES! Thankyee!


shite night’s sleep and i’ve just found out that i have work today. i have two days left in this job and they’ve just sent me about 2 weeks worth of work to do. was hoping they were gonna just sack me off this week but i suppose i do need to earn money to live. sigh. got a big ol’ pot of coffee and some toast on the go. that’ll have to do.


Unacceptable behaviour. People that text/whatsapp before 9am or after 10pm (that aren’t family or close friends) are the worst.

What you going to Islay for lopes?

I know this may seem like a silly question but I have good reason to ask. Haha.

How is only 11:30 ready for lunch. Don’t know what to have something not disappointing.

baby foxies are the best :pleading_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Bought a Le Creuset griddle pan/skillet thing last week. Gonna do some steaks in it tonight and I am so excited.