It's Thursday

Some fucker has nicked the milk off our doorstep. Not a great start to the day. Hopefully all yours are going better.

In other news, I got some new special gum health toothpaste last week (it was on offer in Sainsbury’s), and my other half has ruined it by suggesting it looks like a tube of lube. So I thought I’d share it today, being Thursday.

Feel free to talk about your day and/or post things that are normal but look sexual


This is not I REPEAT NOT a selfie thread.

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Morning all :wave:

I'm sure the question on everyone's lips is: did I get oatcakes for breakfast?

The answer is: sadly no. But I didn’t starve

I’m going to be a bit pushed for time later so they might need to wait for my next visit. Also I don’t think I could eat for a while.


Hey. Woke up feeling like it is Friday. Disappointing to realise it isn’t. Nursery drop, make a slow cooker beef casserole for tomorrow’s tea, tidy up, have a nap and work from 3-midnight

Cold and sunny. Second day of three where I am rudely awakened by workmen ringing the bell before 08:00.


This week is dragging to fuck.

Taking suggestions on what this one looks like

Half day cos I’m off to Leeds to see Future Islands :partying_face:

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Morning Christmas Markets start today and I’m in office. Massively irked.


Someone nicked our milk a couple of months back, so you have my sympathies. Was worried it would become a thing but hasn’t happened again.

Have to take the dog to the v-e-t for a service later, so I’ll be in his bad books for a bit. That’s about it for my day.

Looks like mine but … dirtier

Due to the office or the markets?

Yeah, it’s the first time it’s happened, so I’m trying not to stress about it. We did have one bottle fall off our doorstep, smashing and leaving milk all over the path, and last week it looked like the birds had been at the bottle tops, but they’re all isolated incidents so far

I guess it’s good to compartmentalise your time, but seems a bit off to be so binary. 15 hours being anti-woke, 9 being woke. 15 hours being Kemi Badenoch or Suella Bravermann, 9 being i dunno, Corbyn?


Am on the bus to work. Listening to Meat Wave given it did well in the Oct album of the month poll.

Got some meetings. Will drink some tea. Seems somewhat superfluous as a day. Why don’t we try a 6 day week, and just fuck Thursdays off for a bit.


Had about 11 hours sleep and some very romantic and filthy dreams about harry styles. Sorry harry!

My lovely italian neighbour just made me some chocolate pastries for walking her daughter to school. Lovely still warm gooey choc :relaxed:

Going on a trek across trafford today, need to squeeze in a library trip too then taking M to Sigrid tonight.

Toothpaste lube not helping my Thursdays :melting_face:


yeah yesterday totally felt like thursday. can’t believe it’s not friday


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Off work. Annual leave.

Still unable to fully kick this cold nearly 3 weeks in. Low level sore throat keeps coming back.

Might see my mum today.

Need to do some chores too.


Relevant content


Good oatcakes there. They only take cash though which I too often forget about. Grab yourself some pikelets to take home if youve got time. :blush:

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