It's Thursdsay

Got anything to report?

I’m going to that Comedians for Calais thing at the Old Vic later. Should be alright. Might splash some cash on some expensive bib tights beforehand. Might go to Marie’s Thai for dindins.


I hurt my thigh at football last night. It’s really sore today.

I have two working days left before I finish for a week and they’re going to feel like a lifetime.

Cracking time at EITS last night. Crushingly loud set :smiley:
Loads of work to do today - expect to see a high post count on here…

Literally nothing to report, even by my usual low standards.

Should really have gone given it was just down the road but I’ve seen them twice already this year. Did you get Greet Death?

Been watching Friday Night Lights recently so basically have an EITS song rolling round my head at all times.

Feel better soon keith!

Is that the place near Waterloo? We went there on your recommendation before Sufjan last year. Was super for the money.

Yes, and it was HUGE - undoubted highlight alongside closing on The Only Moment We Were Alone. For me, it’s a shame they’ve moved away from those heavy moments over time. That said, they did get a proper groove on with Disintegration Anxiety which was something different.

day 6 of feeling like absolute shit. gonna be a day of jazz naps, strong ginger and lemon tea, posting on DiS, watching shit on Mubi and generally feeling very sorry for myself

good stuff sketches ^5
i’ve been cutting out midweek booze and it’s doing me the world of good.

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jazz life

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Yes! On The Cut. It’s my default for food round there because it’s cheap and you can bring your own beer :smiley:

[quote="AphexTwinkletoes, post:7, topic:7133"] Yes, and it was HUGE - undoubted highlight alongside closing on The Only Moment We Were Alone. [/quote]

Oh yay I am glad.

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broke my 10km PB on a run last night, then struggled at the pub quiz. Not feeling too bad today, going to a talk by David Sumpter about football tonight. Pretty excited about Yorkshire getting the World Road Bike Championships in 2019

Finished recording this twin peaksy thing last night, it is terribly clumsy but I’m still pleased with it, might adapt it for the my vitriol thread

YES ME TOO. Will be planning a trip up there for sure. Feel well sorry for the riders this year. The silence on the telly broadcasts is fucking odd isn’t it.

I am the hangover. That Laphroaig tasting get completely out of hand after we left. My ATD (9pm - Til I Come) won a bottle of the 10 year old after coming up with some bullshit about it tasting like it was strained through a seagull’s armpit. We thought it would be a good idea to get through half of the bottle and get some cokey-cains in. On a Wednesday night.

Is this called ‘doing a Ruffers’ because if it is then I’ve done a Ruffers. @Ruffers, please clarify.


Oh! Bjork Digital and pizza tonight :heart_eyes:



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Tell me!

I am looking forward to being in Bjork’s mouth.

That was the weirdest bit for sure.


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Good night then J_I, how did you enjoy the laphroaig?