It's time for Saturday! Saturday!

Had a shocker of a night’s sleep. Took ages to get to bed then I woke up loads and I had a sex dream about a mate. Weird.

How’s everyone doing this morning?

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Morning. Working 10-7 today. Hopefully busier than yesterday. But probably not

Morning! Off out for a long run. Going to Edinburgh later for an Easter bbq/hang out with pals.

Morning! Gorgeous day here so I’m accompanying my dad to work, then gonna mooch round the shops before buying us both a pastie. Then I’ll come back home for some telly watching.

Hope yall have lovely ones.


Taking the dog to the beach! :smiley:

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Morning team. Been awake on and off all night with a horrendous gout flare up. Briefly considered making the daily thread at 4.39am before drifting off again. Work is going to be manic again I reckon. Happy Easter!


I made it through the shower. Nothing better than the feeling freshly shaved legs in bed.


Morning all :sunny: am going to the beach! And in my continued efforts to become exactly like my dad, I’ve put a whole load of kit out the night before, and am going to be hassling my daughters out of the house at some ridiculously early hours to beat the traffic.


Just heard a little voice outside my room ‘where’s laelfy’ ‘she’s sleeping’ followed by immense toy clattering noise and screaming. Guess I’m getting up now.



I bought this for you,


So hungover. Got a bump on my head :confused:

Oh boo :frowning: Is the bump a UBI?

Woke up in agony and feeling sick. Feel like I’m in labour.

M is actually being sympathetic and being extra good though.

Sorry I’m drawing a blank here… ubi? Universal basic income? United bank of India?

Something booze injury

Definitely booze related. Was dancing in my living room and fell forward into a wall :laughing:


Listening to the Heather Woods Broderick album for the 10th time since yesterday morning. It’s so lovely :heart_eyes:


I’m a bit obsessed with her. I can’t stop listening to Wyoming.

Bleh, need water

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It’s a beautiful day, and according to my Fitbit I got more than eight hours sleep. I’ve got a few childless hours today, and there’s a brand new pub on the beach. :+1: