It's time to knock the 800m on the head

and have 1k instead. Shouldn’t allow track length tyranny to decide this shit. Probably get rid of the 400m too and change it to 500m. Keep the rest, what the fuck do I care?


Can’t disagree with any of this really

Yeah you’re probably right

Bang on.

Makes sense

Wait, what happens to the 4x100m relay here, Lonzo? 4x125? Forward and backwards? Or are we just keeping that the same?

You’ve nailed this tbf


How about make it the (3x100 + 1x200) and scrap the 4x200?

The 100x3 and 200x1 relay. Give those 200m lads a chance to join in

Yeah, fine by me

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Stupid idea


1 marathon =
26.219 miles

Can we do something about this shit too? Why is it that length? Is it because of The Greeks?

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500x1m relay, because the baton exchanges are the fun bit so we want to maximise those.

Or if you were stacked with 200m runners you could enter (2x200 + 1x100)

Not allowed in covid times 250x2 minimum

250x2, baton to be sanitised before handed on

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Got to say, it’s really nice to see this being so positively received. Proof that, when he puts his mind to it, our friend Balonz is capable of some decent ideas.


My post was definitely above balonzs a minute ago and now it’s like this

What gives.
Who’s psy opping me?

Cheers Theo, I’ll pop that 36 sided dice in the post for you.