It's time to open... the Lunch door

what ya sayin?

Peanut butter on toast. maverick

Need something big enough to keep me going
But not so big it’ll finish me off

This looks weird

Dunno what i’m having yet

Buttered toast
Milkshake for dessert

Really grim tuna and sweetcorn pasta salad. But at least I didn’t need to go outside.

that’s the struggle

i don’t know why but i got a very big salad. it’s cold and i’m cold.

do the diner do takeaway?

alright, elaine benes


Salad, with brown rice. So comforting and warming on a day like this.

A terrible thing happened this morning. I was so hungry in the bitterly cold blizzard I was walking through, I resolved to get a breakfast roll,. The usual café I go to near my new work was shut, so I went to another one I’d spotted before and not tried. Fucking rank rotten it was. Soggy scone. Stale roll, floppy pasty bacon. I still ate it obviously but it’s left me feeling really cheesed off. I feel like I deserve a lovely lardy lunch to compensate but I’ve used up my dirty food points for the day (and how).

So I dunno, I’ll probably have a carrot or something.

got some leftover pizzer havent i

Oh just a humble sandwich for me, and the bread? homemade of course.

we doing burrito club on thursday @plasticniki

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Just demolished a plate of ham, eggs and chips. I’m stuffed

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Can always do Thursday cos I’ve blocked myself out on Outlook forever haven’t I

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cheese and onion cob

what about this gaff, E1 6QR