It's time to open... THE SCARY DOOR

All Hallow’s Eve is around the corner, it’s a slow Monday in the office, and you want something creepy to chill your spine and remind you that you’re still alive. And so, I present what I believe is a new entry for the recurring Scary Door franchise… the Sodder Children Disappearance:

Not sure if this counts (nothing mysterious, just a horrific accident) or if it was in the other thread (The R*ke scared me out of there), but this still makes my stomach churn when I think about it.

“Hellevik, being exposed to the highest pressure gradient and in the process of moving to secure the inner door, was forced through the 60 centimetres (24 in) in diameter opening created by the jammed interior trunk door by escaping air and violently dismembered, including bisection of the thoracoabdominal cavity which further resulted in expulsion of all internal organs of the chest and abdomen except the trachea and a section of small intestine and of the thoracic spine and projecting them some distance, one section later being found 10 metres (30 ft) vertically above the exterior pressure door.”

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I mean, I’ll accept it, but I’d prefer this to be creepy shit rather than just grim shit.

Like this gem!

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucking hell.

(I am quietly fascinated by grim shit like this.)

This one still fascinates me

That is explicitly grim!

Is there a name for the phenomenon when you ‘hear’ noises or sense the presence of something when sat on your settee watching TV in an empty house, or quickly run upstairs as you fear something is about to grab you from behind?

I believe the technical term is “being a big daft baby”.

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Tell me something I don’t know.

Turns our it’s paranoid schizophrenia if you try to diagnose using the internet

Read this and thought of you and @sadpunk .


Thanks for thinking of me though :slight_smile:

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I never forget the denizens of the Scary Door thread.

Be careful reading about Johnny Gosch - you could end up deeper and deeper down the Franklin cover-up rabbit hole. And then end up DEAD.


There’s (supposedly) a picture of Hellevik’s body linked to here


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Linked in that there Wiki

Sword And Scale did a couple of good episodes on it which I’d recommend

It’s all kinds of gross. SATANIC PANIC.