It's time to pick a few more foreign words and phrases to enter our collective lexicon

Popty ping > MAGNETRON > microwave

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Big fan of um die ecke

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I’d like to see more use of the word, and the implementation of, ‘woonerf’, please.

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Kummer (“grief, sorrow”) + Speck (“layer of fat, bacon, adipose”).

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Cellular-telular, m4

This is a cry-wank

Someone I work with has been going out with an Italian fella for a few weeks, she’s told me a few phrases he’s used that are A Thing in Italian but don’t quite translate.

My favourite (and indeed, only one I can remember) is ‘you have ham in your eyes’. Broadly equivalent to ‘wearing rose-tinted glasses’.

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That is 6 syllables!

thank you very much.

I have numerous photos from our trip to Gothenburg of speed dials and controls where they use the Swedish word ‘fart’, because it makes me giggle.


It’s the Japanese art of repairing a broken piece of pottery with gold, and making it more beautiful as a result of being broken.

When I’m working on my mental health I find the idea that I’m somehow improving as a result of being broken massively reassuring.


Always been a big fan of ‘bof’. Like a French ‘meh’

In Chinese if someone’s talking bollocks they say it’s 狗屁. It literally means dog farts. I like the idea of telling someone they’re talking dog farts.

Great shout. I love this word.


Realised one of the more common Welsh ways to say goodbye, hwyl fawr, literally translates as big fun.
Might be something we could start working into English. See your neighbors in the morning, “big fun!” That sort of thing.


Does schadenfreude still have the required zing?

In the Cabinet!!!