It's tuesday and im leaving the house

I’ve actually got to go into work for a bit today which is a rarity so thought i may as well give the daily thread a go.

Not looking forward to it really . very out of practice interacting in person regarding work stuff. Also have to leave little Rosa for a while which is sad. She’s not helping with work though so probably for the best.

If you have any little dickheads in your life i hope they aren’t as mean to you when you wake up!

Take care out there punx xx


Morning. Setting off for Edinburgh in a bit. I’ll be honest I thought it was closer than it is. Gonna be a long drive.


I drove from the south coast to Edinburgh when we went. Took all day.

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Looks like it’s about 5 hours. Thought it was like half an hour from Newcastle :grinning:



hopefully you don’t need to be there in an hour!

Got 2 e-mails overnight. Going to make breakfast and watch Better Call Saul finale.

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That dog is such a cutie. Please post regular photos in the dog thread!

Just getting in to work. Get to do 100mph down to Stratford this morning.

Having a new floor in the kitchen today and hoping the fitters have been and gone by the time I get home.

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7½ for me, but it’s gonna take 4hra to get to Leeds on Saturday. Actually thought Edinburgh was further away than that


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Stubbed my toe getting out of the shower. It’s bleeding underneath the nail.


I’ve got to go out of my way to pick someone up which is adding to the time tbf

It’s been raining for about 12 solid hours now :star_struck:

Singing In The Rain Dancing GIF


Take it I need a coat then :grinning:

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I’ve actually never seen Singin in the Rain tho

Looks fine the rest of the time, but probably for today yeah

Just started pissing down here. It’s beautiful

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Raining The Shawshank Redemption GIF


No rain here. Quite a bit cooler but really humid which hopefully means we get some storms later.

Never thought I’d smile at seeing rain, yet here I am. Stood out in it for a bit. Wonderful

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oh god yeah! i forget!! i’ll add it to my regular threads.

(she is proving to be amazing. classic puppy she’s now cuddled up next to me after causing havoc since i’ve got up)

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