It's tuesday and it is now the evening.

Sup? Plans?

Gonna make some dinner, play some guitar and watch mad men (which a few of us are rewatching and discussing on the entertainment board if you missed it.)

Posting this from the tube which will take ages and someone will pip me I reckon.

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Hi @anon42112221. Had a weird job interview thing this afternoon so I’m gonna eat sausages and watch The Killing. Knackered.

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Which vers?

My architect is coming round in a bit to talk about my extension, if you know what I mean.


I can’t be arsed cooking. I have no energy. Don’t think I’m eating or drinking enough during the day tbh. Need to rectify that. I’ll start tomorrow. Decide for me

  • Make tuna rolls
  • Order a pizza

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You could just sell a few pedals, y’know.

Cinema. Watching that Ryan Reynolds computer game one


He’s been and gone already. Didn’t wear a mask, obviously. Now fumigating the house.


Jacket potatoes with tuna mayo for tea. Might rewatch some more Downtown Abbey. That’s about it.

Went blackberry picking again sure I have a bag more full of spiders rather than berries though. Just had tibetan Kitchen outside, bumped into fishplums with cat race, felt like it was 2010.

I’ve been trying to automate a task using google apps script despite not knowing google apps script or anything similar. I broke it down into steps and I think I’ve now managed to get all the steps to work individually, so tomorrow I might be able to get the whole thing working. Feeling very pleased with myself (probably prematurely).


Found in Spanish Lidl

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Finished one work which is a nightmare as people don’t understand deadlines and promotion dates and that you can’t just keep tagging stuff on to a requirement spec 2 weeks before go live.
Now about to go into work 2 which will be awful and people hassling me to do more shifts “fuckers I will be working weekend for Job 1 and don’t even want to be here now, leave me alone!!”
Off tomorrow though so there’s that….

Delicious craps.



Took kids to the white horse this afternoon. Kind of fun until they were nobs and we had to go home in that stony silent just been told off but they’re sure it was not required but it very much was kind of way…

Anyway, jollof rice with roasted broccoli and haloumi for dinner done…hella salty!

Now going to watch some TV…hopefully a bit of Mad Men and then be in bed at a reasonable time.

Also ordered a new yellow velvet sofa for the conservatory and am very excited about it.


Made a chole and a paneer, spinach and potato curry

In a bit of a funk. Not liking myself atm


Realised theres one of these in Hebden Bridge the other day, tempted to head over.


I’m cooking enchiladas for dinner, then I’m going back to wallpapering and will watch a bit more of Mad Men before bed.

Also planning tomorrow as it’s my son’s 21st birthday! Might go to the zoo.

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Watching Yorkshire play cricket on the tele.

I was very closeto heading to Durham to watch it live but umm and aahed too long.

Had a nice day playing with various balls in various places with my nephew. Taught him the stepping on the ball backheel

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