It's tuesday and it is now the evening.

Sometimes wonder about how like national libraries have to have a copy of every published books and one day half the country will be natonal library.

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There sure is, think quite limited hours compared to the OG though. They’ve got a few permanent vans set up now too around chorlton, one by the bowling green pub and another in chorlton Park. Have already eaten from every one :tada:

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Busy day with work as I’m off now until next Wednesday :raised_hands: Off up to Scotland for a couple of nights early in the morning so looking forward to that. Currently sat in pj’s, waiting for my tea to cook and hoping I’ll be able get a good night sleep :crossed_fingers::sleeping:


How is that the time already

Forgot about the thousand yard stare I develop after 1 day at work

Everytime I see this I think, oh, isn’t he like barleysugar there.


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Wizards of the Coast (the Magic people) have filed an intent to use trademark for “Netrunner”

This is either excellent news or terrible news and it’s impossible to tell which.

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You’re very kind

At a restaurant 40 storeys high. It’s ok.


So thats why Leeds doesnt have a subway system.

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Evening all!

I made fake fish and chips using banana blossom and breadcrumbs. I also made some tartar sauce on the side.

It looked a bit more like SF chicken but tasted decent.

I had to improv the batter because we’d run out of eggs.

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Just had a Domino’s delivered and literally all of the cheese is sitting in the corner of the box.

‘I put that pizza in the box, it was ok then…’


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Met with a friend after seeing my university for the first time since before lockdown 1, it was really nice! I had some condensed milk roti after which was great too. It’s my birthday tomorrow and my only plan fell through which I’m a bit sad about but it’s ok! Achieving another year of life during a pandemic is enough of a gift :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


August got the coolest people :slight_smile:


Post-festival funk solidarity @rich-t

Did fuck all work today. Just went on a very laboured run, felt absolutely awful. Sorry, body. Just made a massive bowl of roast potatoes and stuffing and drowned em in gravy.

At least without love island tying us down, early bedtime is back on the cards!

My cat’s being an absolute dickhead. Why do cats have the ability to be SUCH dickheads?

No Hollie, you can’t go out. And while you’re about it, stop jumping onto my desk to check if the window behind my monitor is open


Went to see a play here this evening. I was sat right at the front and cried, fairly mortifying but it was lovely.


If you look carefully you can see Hoogy HQ in the distance.


Stick a fork in me, I’m done. Today:

  • 6.30-8.30am redoing a planning application because I’d been given the wrong advice
  • 8.30am-5.15pm work with maybe 15 minutes for lunch
  • 5.15pm-9pm driving to Tesco to buy ingredients for samosas, having dinner very quickly, making tomorrow’s lunch, making samosas.

So tired.

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Burned some incense that scout recommended and listening to a new black metal album. Second best thing to actually being in the forest imo :metal: :evergreen_tree:

Mad Men time soon :business_suit_levitating: :smoking:


whats the incense bruh