It's tuesday and it's banal

today is dragging a lot

tell me your banal things

just had a couple of digestives :yum:

just picked up some medication for my mum, it’s hot outside!

i’m irked and i cba

why bounce u irked hun

We’ve just moved to Skype for Business at work. My job involves a lot of Jersey companies, which are abbreviated to [company initial] (J).

It turns out that (J) produces a disappearing ninja emoji on Skype for Business. My internal memos just got much more fun.


Just had this conversation

I watched Four at the the weekend.
Oh, not heard of that, what is it?
You know, Four.
Four Ragnarok.

Then he had exactly the same conversation with the full roaster.




See lunch thread moan. Got a sarcastic response when i asked about it.

I’m worried that my meeting is going to overrun and I’m going to miss my haircut appointment that I missed once already on Saturday.

That is a very long meeting


Not as long as my hair!!!

Just remembered I’ve got some twisters in the freezer. Improved my day 400%

Got a stray eyelash floating around on my left eyeball. Nothing else to report.

This is the best available

@zxcvbnm2 what is the 1000 year ban thing about?


i have these


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What are they like, I think I’d have to train myself a little to eat it without thinking it shouldn’t be tasting of alcohol.

they are nice, very refreshing

after 75 minutes sleep last night I’m looking forward to going home in half an hour :expressionless: