It's Tuesday evening again y'all!

Gotta take Oreo for his annual checkup and to find out if the rabbit are overdue later.

Leftovers for dinner most likely. Hope you’re all doing grand!

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Oooh leftovers are one of my faves. I’ve had such a full on day so I’m loving just sitting in front of the telly.

Does anyone else who lives alone sometimes find it difficult to bother making dinner? So often I wake up the next day and realise I didn’t have a proper tea.



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Extra strong mints are a bit moreish aren’t they

I very occasionally can’t be A’d but cooking is my primary source of entertainment if I’m not working or not out of an evening. Love it

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Only just got home, everyone is grumpy with me being late, including me. Urgh.

Having burritos for tea, watching sopranos (kevin finnerty shite, ugh)

This is the thing… I love cooking but sometimes I just… Forget!!

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Evening all

Feeling a bit better today: managed to resolve one big issue at work and have gone a considerable way to resolving the second. Had a long and quite constructive chat with one of my team. Got my puncture fixed. Finished the kakuro, killer sudoku, jigsawdoku and minesweeper puzzles that I meant to do this morning.

Life is hard work isn’t it?


Ha. Similar to me.

Sometimes I just… eat too many peanuts!

No, I’m usually starving by the time I get home from work. Occasionally if I’ve got some time off, though.

Got caught in torrential rain ugh

Misty has fleas and now I’m itching everywhere in solidarity despite trying to avoid her at all costs

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I have an excessively itchy face for some reason and I’m breaking our takeaway embargo because I’m in a bad mood.

The last time we broke our takeaway embargo was Friday. We are doing quite badly.

Probably gonna sack off all my productive plans and watch What We Do In The Shadows instead.

To summarise: fuck off Tuesday, I can’t believe you have the gall to still be hanging about.


I just started watching trinkets on Netflix anyone else in?

Seems like there’s a tuesday evening every week now

So fucking bored

I’ve asked @anon50098204 if he can rearrange the week to stop this happening but he said he can’t do anything until Winter II.

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Not good enough warny, Might see if sadpink’s got any ideas

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