It's Tuesday evening again

And I’m about to get my hair cut by @he_2!



I think Nostalgic Montage by Salami Rose Joe Louis retroactively sneaked near the top of my favourite songs of 2019 list

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My grandma was rushed into hospital this afternoon. I’m currently waiting on an update from my uncle, so that I can decide whether I need to be on a train to Newcastle.

Richard osman and @Joke are the same entity?

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Evening all,

Off to the pub to meet sis in law. Oh, and by the way, we’re seeing Carly Rae Jepsen in 50 hours.


Second day in a row of perfect bus and train connections. I’ve learnt getting of the bus two stops early and walking past the one way system means I can get a train that leaves 15 minutes earlier.

I body checked some bloke on the steps up to the platform as everyone coming down were taking both sides and not giving way and my train was due. I’m tall but not stocky, but he bounced of me. Felt bad but oh well.

Hello tilty and co

I’m also getting my hair cut by he_2, but not until tomorrow. Can’t wait to have most of it gone :haircut_woman::arrow_right::haircut_man:

Absolutely exhausted so can see myself being asleep before 8pm.

@weeber hope everything is ok x


@weeber hope your nan is ok!


I’ve drawn the short straw/skivvy option in work and am now personally responsible for over 1,000 bouquets being delivered in New York and Chicago over the weekend. I hate Valentines so much.

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I will also be here up all night, complaining about it online.

Yoga is really good, i went to class i was too shit for and just rested on my knees or elbows when i couldn’t hold myself up and nobody yelled at me (unlike other classes I’ve signed up to and underperformed in)

et tu, deebe

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Fucking hell, I forgot Sean Penn was in Friends

Three years ago today I met one of my heroes (I’m on the left)


He looks much shorter on TV eh



Finishing off a curry. Made the gravy earlier, so just need to slap in and cook off the rest of it now. Listening to Retribution Gospel Choir and relaxing this evening. 3 days left this week then 11 off!!

Looking forward to giving these a go


9 days off motherfuckers. Got jacket potatoes in the oven and Murder She Wrote on the telly. Gonna nip over and shut the door on that fucking Manics thread too.




Had the m&s plant kitchen cashew Mac (8/10) and mac balls (5/10), with mushy peas.

Now heating up the wicked kitchen sticky toffee pudding to have with oat milk custard.

But weirdly cheaper than Sharwoods???