It's Tuesday Evening... It's the Tuesday Evening Thread!!!!

Hi everyone. Waiting for a train at Kings Cross. They have an Iron Throne here.

Evening CZUK and all of you yet to join the thread. Not an awful lot to report other than that I’m absolutely ravenous.

Back from the North York Moors, having a cup of tea then heading out for pizza/burger and a Joyce Manor gig

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I’ve been Lead Parent all day and Wor Lass has gone to a small business network event to promote her Etsy shop.

I really just want to play Fallout 4.


Met my new boss today. She is lovely. I am relieved. Ate way too many biscuits though, may have ruined my dinner :woman_facepalming:t3:

Well this has not progressed well:

Now my options are to ghost or to exchange a few curt civil messages with a girl I was kinda seeing for around 6 months 14 years ago :neutral_face: I’m such a fucking moron.


Here’s some nicer evening content: making sweet potato and red pepper sausage hot dogs. Onions is frying :yum:

Oh no, has she contacted you?

Evening. Made smoky pork and pineapple tacos, which were good but annoyingly I’m too full and I want to go to the gym. Might watch the football whilst I’m there. Think I might have agreed to do the West Highland Way? :grimacing:

One more day till FIVE DAY WEEKEND

Hi! Had a bleddy long week mates. Got hot dogs for tea and some beers though so it’s my weekend alright!

Are you going to Jezza’s for tea?

Nice try, narc.

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Is the new code for taking drugs, right?


She’s sent me a message on Instagram but because we don’t follow each other it comes up with a ‘will you accept this message’ kind of thing :grimacing:

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Hey everyone.

Took a day off work for MH reasons and so glad I did

Just cooked and ate a lush dinner - roasted sweet potato nugs with roasted red pepper, roasted asparagus , salad and sausages (pork and black pudding for me, Lindas for my daughter). Was :100:

Off bike wandering then pub at the end in a bit.


A few polite messages can’t hurt, can it?


Congratulations on your affair!


Warning: dream chat. My life is clearly so boring that last night I had a dream about my showerhead possibly needing to be cleaned.

Wonder what excitement lies in store tonight?

What trashy book should I read tonight? Mystery/crime nonsense please. I don’t want any serious books for a few weeks or so after so much uni reading, pure trash only.


trying to decide which of the 30+ cycling caps I own I should take on holiday :thinking:

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