It's Tuesday Evening, m10s


Aw yeah!!

Give me two versions of what you’re doing this eve where only one of them is true, pls. Maybe as a poll :o


@ericV i’ve made this especially early for your benefit


hi xylo!! tonight i will be

  • working til 8, maybe getting some pizza, eager to get home and watch my northern exposure boxset
  • out having fun in a bar with all my cool, hip friends dancing and generally being beautiful young things

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has anyone yet referred to you as xylo ren?

  • yes
  • no… but i will now

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Going on a date. Do I look alright?


Hi xylo, I like this poll idea. Tonight I will:

  • Throttle my annoying colleague and carted off to French gaol
  • Have an awful meal listening to endless moaning and criticism and then come back to my hotel and do some work

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/* and yes I realise I’m being just as moany as her


You look phenomenal


i need more options


Needs a poll, m9




this needs more poll options!!!


Interesting new follow…


In other news, I’m knackered, so going to have chicken and probably go straight to bed.


me and @DarwinBabe… ummm… yeah. I can’t think of anything particularly witty, but hi?


Actually Ren totally has xylo wig-outs doesn’t he :o




have babies IMMEDIATELY


I’ll ask her how she feels about that and get back to you


less talk more babies

  • eat something miserable, play some zelda (still haven’t finished this fucking thing), feel sorry for myself
  • eat something nice, play some zelda (still haven’t finished this fucking thing), feel nothing but pos vibes, positive energy

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Alright pals

  • Pizza, Masterchef on iPlayer, shower and bed
  • Pizza, NCT class, shower and bed

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