It's Tuesday evening


What’s happening? I am working which is balls. Obviously I need some distraction.


@he_2 and I have gone to the Lord Nelson, thanks to @plasticniki.


I’m working :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:

@colinzealuk woah!


cucumber in a burger?


Holy fuck I want that


Someone stole the potato i was just about to pick up in the supermarket and now i am livid.


Yeah, I’ve removed it and replaced it with ketchup.


Fucking yes!

I guess I’d better put a pizza in the oven… Turns out I only have a slight misery one.


Might go for a burger now.


Oof. Looks grey!


good lord.


That’s not a pizza pn. Bin it and get a pide


Are those chips good? I can’t work out if they look amazing or terrible.


He wasn’t even in a rush because i saw him faffing near the tinned veg moments later. why couldn’t he have waited until i’d finished picking my potatoes?


you should have pinched it back out of his basket while he was distracted by the canned goods.


I wasn’t going to stoop to his level.


Had a pide like two nights ago and I’m now in my pyjamas. Misery Goodfellas will have to do.


gun emoji


I’ve been home with tonsillitis today

I’m going to just have some oven chips for dinner and might deep fry some smoked tofu and put it in a little sarnie to see what that’s like


you’re a better person than i am