It's Tuesday evening

Going to get some beers and some eggs

They’re so much better than I expected.

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Just booked my work trip to Barcelona and added on a cheeky couple of days plus a La Liga ticket :+1:


I hope you fucked them up

saw them last week in mono, they were ace, couple of sound issues aside


you’re some kinda hero :+1:

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Evening everyone :wave:

I joined the library today. Looking forward to having a rummage this weekend :blush:

Just made and ate an obscene carbonara. Half way through making it I panicked because I had no idea what I was doing so the kitchen currently looks like someone let off a bomb in a spaghetti factory.


Big fan of @he_2 taking the same photo there :grinning:


obscenely good? obscenely bad? obscenely huge?

Messy cooking is the best kind.

Obscene carbonara would be a great band name.


Haha, hmm, I’m not sure whether it was bad or good, it wasn’t the best carbonara I’ve ever made but I still demolished it. Can something that is made up of just bacon, egg, cheese and pasta ever be bad!? :thinking: It was definitely huge anyway.

@laelfy Are you a messy cook? I’m a VERY messy cook :grimacing: I always end up using twice as many pots and pans than I should. For this I somehow ended up using three…

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I’m more of a messy baker. Have pretty much stopped baking whilst I was trying to seek my flat because the kitchen floor was always covered in cocoa/brownie dough. Might make something new at the weekend.

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The TV is fucking awful for this. Using far too many pans and utensils, creating huge amounts of mess on the hob and work tops.


Got home about an hour ago. Started traveling at 11 this morning, Dutch time.

Only then realised that I’d gone to the patent office, did my hearing, travelled into The Hague, took a train to Schipol, got on a flight to Heathrow, took the train to Paddington, the Circle line to Liverpool Street, and the train to Stansted… in a mismatching suit jacket and trousers.

Wasn’t even sat down for the hearing, I was at a whiteboard for most of it ffs.


I had a flatmate who did this AND left every single cupboard door that he had used open. Just left there. All open. What the actual fuck?

Well that’s something that can’t be avoided and I don’t think it means you’re a messy baker :wink:

I was thinking about baking this weekend too! Might just go out and buy a slice of cake tho, there’s a coffee shop I love that always has one really good cake available. Love a bit of the proper massive sandwich cake with butter icing.

@rich-t :smiley: your TV has the right idea because this idea is also mine.

Big fan of anything with buttercream. Sometimes think the best cake out there is the humble Victoria sponge.

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Mrs Iron’s at work all evening so I’ve got a pizza in the oven and I’m gonna open some Bordeaux. Got a BFI subscription for a bit (ezzer you done this?) so gonna have a delve and put something old and french on.

Hey guys if someone working at a gig publicly (online) accuses someone of starting a fight on them and they hadn’t, that’s libellous right?
Asking for a friend, genuinely.

YES. I often think this too. Anything with jam really. Love an apple cake too. The coffee place I was talking about had a parma violet and chocolate cake the other day OOFT. I think they might be by these people -

Definitely are in fact… I had the Apple and Honey cake the other day and pretty much died from joy.