It's Tuesday evening

I need to make fish amd chips but I also need to do some more work and do some exercise and wash my hair. Maybe I’ll bump the latter back to tomorrow. How about you?


Evening froglet and others!

I’ve done so little of purpose today. Quite impressed with myself but also worried I should have used the time better. Although by ‘better’, I mean ‘not playing computer games all afternoon’.

I’m playing football with @Unlucky in a bit so I need to start getting ready soon.


Did some work, ate some food, went on a bike and sacked off bouldering. Currently got a bolognaise marinating in the slow cooker. So glad I’ve refound the slow cooker, and am thanking my air fryer for it.

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still no dis on the mobile, so it’s gonna be a low-contribution night from me - guess it’ll be nice to check in tomorrow to loads of fresh #content at least

making carbonara, not inspired by it at all today but better than spending ages thinking and still not coming up with anything better. probs a cocktail and a film as well idk

reorder that lamp from ebay that they cancelled on me too

be swell everyone

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Forgot to wait for the evening thread so I’ll just repost


Noticed that both the baz lurman romeo and juliet, and goodfellas are both on iplayer atm, so that’s my night tbh


Evening all :wave:

Now that the girls are a bit older and go to bed later, I’m never really sure what to do with my time between dinner and when they go up to read. So right now I’m just standing here posting on DiS.

Going to get an earlyish night later as I have to get up at 4ish to be in Peterborough for 5.30am :weary:

The Baz Lurman Goodfellas?


they just do e’s and dance around in their pants

Quite funny that there’s a Very Serious Director called Baz

Good evening to those above and below

Had sossidge, mash and beans for tea. Just had a Muller corner for pudding.

Playing with the dog and watching a bit of TV before an early night. Gotta be up at 3.15 in the morning, which is always conducive to a great night’s sleep.


if he’s very serious im a papal candidate


Accidentally bought a can of Putty at lunchtime, so I’ll be posting about it on all my socials (maybe just an Insta story) when I crack it open later to prove that I’m one of the cool kids


don’t know that much about him tbf

Had a halloumi taco and a cocktail. Chilling for an hour and then gym

  • Get a kebab
  • Get a kebab and chips
  • Get the kebab big box

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Like silly putty/playdoh?

Imma have fish and chips. Caused an argument as I asked my wife to get off her phone when doing bedtime. So that’s great. So, deal with a sulk, might have a beer might not, have a shower, go bed probably.

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he made out modern day Romeo would’ve listened to radiohead which is amusing to say the least

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I hope not

You never can tell what these craft beers are going to taste like though

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