It's tuesday, I reckon


What’s happening? I’ll be at home working on music and playing video games and hoping for this shitty cold to go away.

Coffee first, obv. :coffee:


@Antpocalypsenow well done :+1: :clap:


Day full of meetings today.

Football tonight.




fuck man, must not get sucked into another six months of solid, wall to wall Football Manager!

might take up crochet, or something



Got up to take an early tc before going into the office and knocked last nights bottle of cider all over on the carpet - place smells like a stale brewery.


Morning lads!
Watching a bit of Dinner Date with a coffee before taking on the world. Really enjoying Ben from Wigan talking about his new purple sweater (“birds luuuvv it”)


Ripley is sick… Need to get an emergency vet appointment :frowning:

Other than that I’m supposed to have a phone interview in the middle of the afternoon and a tech meetup (that I can’t cancel) this evening.

Today is going to be a struggle. First up, into work to get my laptop and bring it home…


Oh no! Hope it’s nothing serious. :disappointed:


Morning all!

It’s chilly and I can’t be arsed.*

*discarded skit/ interlude ideas for 90s rnb albums.


I managed to spill a full glass of port on the carpet while decorating on Thursday night. Good news is that it was on the old carpet; bad news is that it looks like there’s been a murder on the landing.


Got the latest train I possibly could to Edinburgh, usually get an earlier one to allow for scot rail and coffee. Will need to wait for a break for :coffee:

Probably get veg haggis :burrito: for lunch. Though discovered pret’s dark chocolate with sea salt in and it’s pretty tasty so that is another option.

Date after work. Feeling relatively calm, not a massive fan of mid-week dates because I like to get drunk but yeah.


I’m too warm, got a woolly jumper on.


Day off today so I’m still in bed. Might go to the gym (should go to the gym) then psychotherapy this afternoon. Should be an all right day :slight_smile:
We’ve run out of coffee :-o


Thanks, So do I!

Foolishly I hadn’t sorted out insurance yet either so it’s not just upsetting but also going to be £££ to help him :frowning:


I had a jumper in the car but the heating’s on at work so I’m back in my office default outfit.


First day back at work since Thursday. Some people left the business whilst I was away so will have to deal with some stuff related to that, then gym then writing my Le Guess Who review up.

Might treat myself to a chocolate bar at some point


Morning assorted DiSers! My clients are doing their best to mess up my week. Which I think makes a nice change from my colleagues doing the same?


Morning. Was gonna take some time off this week but a job came in from one of my favourite clients so it’s not happening. Might still take Friday off if I can. Feeling pretty chilled now I’m back at home anyway.


Hello Tuesday

despite living for a year or so just off Holloway Road in that London I never thought about where the name came from until just now when I read this delightful little article about the Hollow Ways of Dorset. Lovely