It's tuesday, I reckon


Sorry it didn’t work out at the weekend bro :frowning: did you have an awesome time?




Good luck… unlucky!


Thats me in the distance


losing your religion?


alright michael stipe


hahahahahahahaha like an REM song!!?


morning all,

need to go through to edinburgh to see a client, then later tonight i have blondie to go see.


Don’t think I’d have had time in the end anyway. Packed schedule. Was amazing, thanks!




Hope Ripley is okay!


interestingly, on the Holloway Road wiki page it says this

when surely it’s both ?


someone get on wiki STAT


Ta, just hoping to not get burrito juice on my jeans at lunch time.


Dude in the office is sat at his desk just wearing a waistcoat and trilby. Why is he still wearing his trilby? Surely you’d take that off when you shedded your coat, wouldn’t you? Do you think he’s forgotten? Should I point it out to him?



He’s stopped eating and drinking properly which means something is definitely wrong, it’s just we don’t know what at the moment. Hopefully it’s something simple like needing his teeth clipped rather than anything more serious.


Marckee DMed me as he’s busy this morning


I should probably clarify - he is wearing a shirt and trousers as well…


I am at work, yet I do not wish to be at work. This is unfortunate.

On the plus-side, I have a new guitar pedal arriving today. This takes the edge off slightly.


Will keep fingers crossed.


Maybe he’s due to be impersonating Justin Timberlake at 11 but has got an important meeting about rail networks or something at 10?