It's tuesday, I reckon


Spice went to the vet but he’s ok for now. Fingers crossed my precious baby boy gets to experience his 5th Christmas x


don’t these usually end up pretty badly in the black metal community?


Sitting next to a chewers


Working on a job about anal fissures, there’s a load of obscure terms I’m needing to research which means using Google images and let me tell you it is a very unpleasant way to spend a Tuesday afternoon


Nailed the phone interview :metal:


feel well sick all of a sudden :frowning: :persevere: :face_with_head_bandage:


Can’t stop thinking about modding an electric guitar


Modding that Epiphone Zephyr? You sick freak.


Here’s a funny thing you can do if you want that I did yesterday evening:

Text a sibling “You’re a bastard” or something mean followed by “Sorry, that was meant for Mum” and don’t explain why you were sending such an awful message to your Mum.

Do you get on with your sibling(s) (Tuesday Sibling Series)

Was yesterday a ‘Bad Tone’ day?


absolutely never.

i’m going to get a second hand black sheraton and switch out the p/ups for bareknuckles <3


Nah. Just occurred to me that it might be a funny thing to do so I did it.


Ooooh, good call. If you can get a Korean made Sheraton as opposed to the Chinese ones I’d approve of it even more!


yep is currently being scoured


Love a good scour through Reverb. Looking for a Boss DF-2 for myself.


Great idea. Next time I meet my ATD I’m going to do this but follow with that it was meant for his mum! Probably write something deeply offensive too*. Thanks Antpocalypsenow!

*I’m sure he will take this in jest as I happen to think his mother is wonderful woman and is someone whom I greatly respect, as I’m sure you do your own mother.


I don’t condone this to the extent I’d recommend my own chain of texts just on accounts of how your one could be construed as insulting to the person’s mother whereas the only way mine can be viewed is as me being an awful person


Sorry, I’d assumed your text was intended to be read as a response to something awful your mum had done, thus creating intrigue on behalf of your sibling as to what might’ve prompted your angry message and possibly imminent family war.


Ah, no. Although I can understand that interpretation though. The “joke” if you want to call it a joke, is ‘what sort of a dickhead would text their Mum calling her a bastard’


Thanks for clearing that up.