It's Tuesday, I think

All turned around with what day it is now. Tuesday though isn’t it? Also payday so that’s nice. What going on today then?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

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FIRST DAY OF MATERNITY LEAVE and I was up before 6am 🤦


It’s the last day of the summer holidays.

Got to go buy school uniform and that.

Then I actually, really, totally have to do some work.

The day has started badly.

Opened a new bag of porridge and it’s awful (yes, I would have said ‘porridge is porridge’ , but apparently not).

Realised while making said porridge that we’d run out of Biscoff spread.

Had to cycle to work through a fine, misty rain (not that bad actually, kept me nice and cool).

Can only go one way from here though.

On my way back to Dublin

Had a v nice few days in Scotland including sinking some lovely schooners with @JaguarPirate in Edinburgh and some top quizzing with other assorted DiSers in Glasgow :blush:

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You going as Angus Young for Halloween?

Off to Leeds to see Tom Jones


Homecoming gig :ok_hand:


Going to London. Already anxious thinking about all the people there.

If it helps they definitely won’t talk to you on the tube

Morning all :wave:

Back to work after a four day weekend - ugh. Might book myself some annual leave.

There’s remarkably little in my diary for today, and I’m still on monday mode, so I’m all set for a very unproductive day

Also, it’s cold in my house! I don’t want to be one of those Heating Warrior types who leaves their heating off til December or something, but there’s no way I’m putting it on in August either.

'er indoors put it on this morning because “it’s only 18 degrees in here and it’s 17 outside so it’s not going to get any warmer!!”

I’m sat in my room with the radiator off and the window wide open. Might even change into shorts.

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I’m thinking of going upstairs and putting on a second pair of socks. My feet are always so cold.

We had it on yesterday. Toasty!

off to see the mound, aye?

sleeping so good at the minute coz the weather’s cold and i live in a place that’s quiet enough to leave the windows open. got blackout curtains n all, it’s like sleeping in a tomb. :ok_hand:

about to try some of this coffee stuff people bang on about.


Hello all :wave:

Feeling incredibly spaced out today :grimacing: I’m hoping a cup of tea will help.

Hopefully my string art will arrive today, because that would be very exciting! I also ordered something from a shop in Canada that I’ve forever coveted but have been too scared to order from because I have concerns about charges. The last time I bought something from the US it never arrived and I never got my money back so that’s put the fear in me a wee bit. Anyway, the shop is for an illustrator I really like so lets all appreciate her here: