It's Tuesday, in case you missed

There isn’t a thread so maybe no one realised yet.

So… how’s stuff?

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Hi de hi FL

I’m bloody freezing.

My minds blown by the us elections.

Chilling today got a 10 hour bus ride to Bagan tomorrow.

Just had some internal comms about not calling brexit brexit

Training most of the day (including case study). FUn.

Too much work on.

*checks watch *

Was an alternative term suggested?

If we all change our watches maybe we can get this day over with faster.

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Back in the office for the first time since last thursday. It’s light for the whole drive in, so that’s a bonus.

My main job today is to write my appraisal goals for the upcoming year, but I haven’t had a manager for six months and I got an underwhelming appraisal after having a really good year last year, so it’s fair to say that I don’t have a great deal of faith in the appraisal system here.

Heating in our office has now been broken for a week. We have two shitty electric heaters in a massive space. Interview candidate coming in today. Men’s toilet sign fell off and has been on the floor for 2 months. No hot water. No soap. Sick of this place


Office reopened. Trains crap. Legs ache.

Very achey after yesterday’s strenuous work day and sleeping on my neck funny. Today, however, is Friday :tada:

Hi FL and friends,

Massive anxiety bellyache. Depending on how today goes, I may start seriously looking for a new job.

AW and SHs posts in the evening thread reminded me of this photo I took at Kew Gardens on Saturday :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Have a good Tuesday, everyone x


Can’t believe mrsXylo is a TERF, but I guess you can never be sure about the French eh.

i don’t know, does this count as libel?

Morning all.

Coughed myself awake at 4am. Still feel a bit ropey but have two interviews today, one on the phone and one on video conference :grimacing:

Tuesday big time over here man, big time. Had a vegan KFC last night after taking my daughter for some me and her time, which was awesome. then watched THE ENTIRE SUPER BOWL and it was great despite knowing the result (not the score). Good fun. Shakira is a ATD.

Today got some work and then home to get groceries.

WEST in glasgow has AF beer on draught, so going there on thursday i think.


I love that feeling of active hiding.


Woke up at 4am with a toothache. Took some codeine, spent about an hour trying to get back to sleep, then an hour reading Wikipedia pages about Battlestar Galactica (2003), then finally got about an hour more sleep.


Haven’t been to a dentist in a very long time. I’m really going to have to resolve this sooner than later.

Really just want to go home and play Stellaris.

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i think i got away with it, phew

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