It's Tuesday, It's Early

Howdy. What’s in store today? I’m about to finish back to back 12hr nightshifts. Will probably get 2hrs sleep before taking my daughter to nursery. That’s about it for my day. Might catch up with new succession later

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Oof, long long nights

Coming to the end of my day at the moment. My daughter did a post-school play date with another friend so that made our lives easier. Warm and close sort of day today here.


Off to visit a nursery, then having lunch with some other mums in Crystal Palace.

Before all that, I’m going to buy a fleece. Yes, a fleece. Deciding between plain blue vs something jazzier. I wear very silly trousers these days so probably should go for the plain.


Going to work isn’t it.

Best get up.

Liked for the trousers and lunch. I cannot like a fleece based purchase :rofl:

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Got an all day Teams meeting. CBA.

Just back from work, so damn tired.


Not even this???


Third night of ‘sleeping’ on the sofa; in a living room shared with two dogs and a cat - who seem so excited about me ‘sleeping’ on the sofa that they won’t leave me alone.

Pretty tired right now.

I’m sorry but it’s a hill and I will die on it. Freezing to death in a light cord shacket.


I asked Mike to vote on that one vse navy and he said “I can’t vote I hate them both”


Nope, second. It just feels like three.

@Slicky I bought the plain navy one plus a bumbag


Been out of bed for precisely 2 hours and already had a nightmare of a day for various reasons

Waiting for my 9 o’clock meeting like ’today could be the day I go full Michael Douglas in Falling Down’

Also, it snowed last night and everywhere is icy as fuck and I’ve nearly slipped over 5 times. What a terrific day

Might just go straight back home to bed after my 9 o’clock

At least it’s sunny I suppose


Gotta look after TinyStack and try and do my job today, always a treat. Still, relatively organised. Already have the Bolognese in the slow cooker, kids are dressed, cuppa no. 2 on the go before the school run.

Let’s see how much today has broken me in the evening thread.

Very tired today, yesterday was a super long day. Was thinking of going out for a prework coffee but it’s so grey. Listening to podcasts in bed with the cat instead.

damn I might go buy a coffee. It’s ok to buy a coffee on your own right? there’s no shame in that


I left my house at 5.50am this morning so am at work already. Absolutely starving.

Working all day. No other plans.