It's Tuesday, it's the evening

Just went for a run and it was fucking hard work. Probably because I’ve been drinking and smoking all weekend.

Gonna eat some chilli and try and do a bit of work. What you up to this evening?

Back in London. Hopefully not doing anything.

Think I’m going to spend my train journey home trying to convince myself not to get a burrito, then I’m going to get a burrito, then I’m going to lie in bed with a headache

Hello ssf and etc. Drinking wine and watching basketball

hey sexy!

I’m really hungry

Hey hungry!

I’m really sexy


too right!

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Evening all!

Spent this afternoon writing assessment questions and marking assessments so I can be on strike tomorrow.

I’ve been hungry all day.

I’ve got a free evening :slight_smile: not sure what I’m going to do yet, but currently sitting in my lounge pondering life.

opened my laptop when I got home and turned out I’d passed out listening to the internationale in german…

just footeh tonight, I guess.

Can anyone recommend a Netflix comedy series? I’ve recently enjoyed Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Brooklyn Nine Nine… some others. I’ve not got particularly sophisticated taste in comedy

Have you seen Danger 5? Outlandish campy piss take of 60s TV shows about a team of spies trying to kill Hitler

Have you seen Master of None? Takes a bit of time to really get going but it is absolutely beautiful tv


Stuck at work, be here for another hour probably. Starving m8.

Yes I have. Loved it. Is there a second series? I could easily Google this.

Coming this month I think! Set in Italy

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You know, I have a pasta maker that I’ve never used! I think about that show every time I walk past it :slight_smile:

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I might just watch it now tbh

Yeah this, went for a run but could feel all the booze and smokables I had all weekend.

Pure peach out, it’s taking of my will
Power not to nip out for a beer

Wifey has gone to have her hair done. If I’d remembered this, I would have got myself a Charlie Bighams from the company shop - I forgot though.

Dinner was going to be a Birds Eye chicken grill, peas and oven chips. I decided that was a bit too miserable though, so upgraded the misery chips by sticking a heap of cheese, chilli and onion on top.

Gonna play some Xbox now, aren’t I?