It's tuesday lunch

Rain forced me to go for a MMMD, not sure about my choices here.

You fare any better?

big man


sausage roll

Going out for mexican food with my team for lunch. Was supposed to have personal trainer but as I’m coughing up green chunks I don’t think I ought to be exercising.

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Taco tuesday is it? Nicely done.

Wtf is a jackfruit?

watery, tasteless meat substitute*


Well you definitely can cause that’s the wrap that your man eric got

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Had a couple of toasts for breakfast so probably nothing. Might have a bit of fruit or a biscuit with a cup of tea in a bit.

Vish, tofurkey, vhicken nuggets - all good. Jackfruit needs to up its game.

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Prawn and avo salad with fancy plum tomatoes and homemade croutons.

Olive bread with leftovers of the turkish aubergine tomato olive caper thingy i made last night.


I had a three cheese fondue with twice fried heritage onions inside a flaky puff pasty blanket along with some artisanal potato crispettes hand baked with bespoke chardonnay vinegar and Himalayan pink salt*

*I had a cheese and onion pasty with salt n vinegar Walkers.


You had me going there!!!


Tofurkey is currently patchy I say


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Chicken select meal at Maccies, dirty

Half my team are stuck in over overunning meeting. They have another 15 mins and the I’m just going to take the ones who are free…

Is vish tofu based? Or banana blossom or soemthing else?

Veg stew with a bit of seitan chorizo wanged in (don’t tell the prof)

Veggie/vegan nuggets and other forms of veggie processed chicken (kievs, etc) are very good indeed.

Made the full time switch to Quorn or Frys nuggets a while ago.

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