It's Tuesday Morning....(at least it's not Monday)

Morning all,

Don’t think there’s a morning thread yet so here we go.

How are we all today? Any plans for this sunny Tuesday? :slight_smile:

I’m having porridge & raspberries, a big coffee and then going to (try to) be more productive WFH. Think i’ll go swimming at lunch too.


It’s my freedom day, isolation is over. And my sense of smell seems to have come back a bit :raised_hands::metal:

Just been doing my meditation. Now I am leaving the flat to get my daughter birthday presents for yesterday, gonna see her this afternoon


Still waiting to see if im called for Jury duty, feel like there must be a better system.

So another day of blasted work. Trying to get the emails ive left lingering in my inbox down

No thank you

yeah, it’s a late morning thread but those are the best type, in the end

i have actually made it to an office for the first time in ages. like, maybe since February 2020, and since I started with the new company. loads of awkward faces about looking around at me wondering if i am technically working with them. either way, it’s good to be in the city, and was nice to use a train.

i know i am massively priviledged to be able to come and go when i please. it’s not meant to be insensitive.

only going to be here 'til lunch time, and then i’m back home for probably a marathon cleaning session on the house frankly

Morning all!

I was woken up at 6 by an overexcited child. How is it not even 9.30 yet? Surely it must be nearly lunchtime by now?

Anyway, we’re going to go for brunch in a bit, and fingers crossed the weather will start to match the forecast at some point, which it currently isn’t

If it does brighten up, then maybe we’ll go to Eastbourne for ice cream this afternoon


Was supposed to leave for a walk at 9. Currently unwashed and watching the Olympics so…

At some point going for a big walk.

Weather is dull. Hate this cloudy nonsense.

Morning all :wave:

Weather is good today so we’re heading up to the moors. I’ve been wanting to do this one all week. The walk includes this place

You could say :slightly_smiling_face:
That it’s been :slightly_smiling_face: :dark_sunglasses:
Bugging me :sunglasses:

(That we’ve not been able to go for this walk til now)


I had barely 3 hours of sleep cause :sparkles: anxiety :sparkles:

I’m still going to work, although very very late. Coffee, jam croissant and Bo Burnham’s Inside on repeat

Just watched a bunch of guys throw a tree into a wood chipper. The day peaked early.

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Had to put a jumper on

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got soaked getting to the tube station in the rain, then got all sweaty on the tube wearing a waterproof jacket. had to change clothes once today already. you can’t win!!1111

going out for italian food with some #italianmates tonight. :yum

watching the climbing at the olympics, brilliant

Beyond drained but the sun is out so that’s nice!

i tell ya, i could eat breakfast again


i wish i were rubbing my moobs right now. i mean obviously i could anyway but it wouldn’t be quite the same.

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And ive made cold brew by mistake.

More digging. Turns out it’s quite hard work.

And used the last of my beans on this and now new coffe machine is here with no beans for it.