It's Tuesday Morning....(at least it's not Monday)

destroyed another pair of shoes that i’ve only had for 2 months. would hate to see what my personal shoe landfill would look like. where can you get some quality plimsoll type things that wont be in the bin in a couple months? should i get some vans? amn’t i too old?

This was brunch - Roedean Cafe’s breakfast burger, featuring beans, egg, sausage meat burger, tomato and hash brown. I think that makes up for barely eating since friday


If my hours are 9 to 5 and I book a half day off, what time am I finishing work?

Did something to my foot getting out the bath
last night that made it quite painful to walk on. Went out shopping this morning and felt something go ping and now it’s incredibly painful to walk on. Wonderful.

Half 12.


Walked up a big hill


Afternoon all!

I’m on holiday and posting from one of the few places on site I can connect to Internet.

I’ve just eaten a steak pie, mash and veg. It was exactly what I wanted to eat.


I would also like to express my fondness for that particular Konichi-nah.

Its half the hours you usually do. Clue is in the name.

Have had no power in my block of flats since 10pm and not looking like it’ll come back anytime soon. Maybe tomorrow with a bit of luck.
No hot water, no WiFi, no olympics, everything in the freezer probably ruined.

Anyway met my NTD for brunch and managed to charge my phone there so that was nice

Cat Bells?

Took the kids on the walk all around Bath. From Newbridge park and rode up and over to Newton st Loe, Bath Spa campus and back around for those who know the area.

Was excellent.


did you do a theresa may?



vaccine? lazy? who can tell

new time dog?

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I repeat, we all had a lovely time.

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Aye. Absolutely glorious today. Lovely walk

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