It's Tuesday (no thanks)

Morning all :wave: How are you?

It’s another freezing morning here:

Looking forward to those two hours of broken sunshine at midday though. Got a day of WFH and trying to find the least cold place in the house.

Temperature aside, it’s time for the :sun_with_face: DAYLIGHT UPDATE! :sun_with_face:

:sunny: :crescent_moon: Daylight :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 07:53 16:28 08:35:03 +3:06
London 07:50 16:35 08:44:52 +2:56
Glasgow 08:25 16:33 08:07:26 +3:35
Manchester 08:06 16:35 08:29:05 +3:12
The Beer Factory, Devon 08:00 16:54 08:53:46 +2:47
Newcastle 08:10 16:26 08:15:48 +3:26
Cardiff 08:02 16:47 08:45:05 +2:55
Belfast 08:26 16:45 08:19:19 +3:22

No significant milestones today but stay tuned for more Daylight Updates between now and whenever I get bored of doing this!


Hey :mp4:

No frost today. Amazing

End of year review today :grimacing:

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Moving into new office today, they’re also going to confirmed loads of redundancies today (not me), so this is going to be extremely painful

Remembered my football kit and also keys today so it’s a good start


Another crisp, cold, clear and calm morning.

Going to drop my bike at the shop (again) and then go for a 5ish mile walk. There’s a trig point in the middle of a field nearby, so going to seek that out :nerd_face:

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I’ll amend now

7 straight hr in various meetings, ranging from useful/interesting to excruciating in a continuous downward slope.

Morning all!

Everyone slept in this morning.

More news when we have it.

Another night of terrible sleep and weird dreams , wonderful. A highlight was a dream at a party where I lost my (imaginary) girlfriend and ended up having to give an elderly woman a piggyback around the place.
Got up for an 8am meeting and the other person hasn’t shown up, wonderful

Won all 3 games of pool in the pub last night, but it was stressful cos loads of people were hanging around waiting to play. Playing at the snooker club is better cos no one cares what you’re doing. Why does a pool ball come up when I type :8ball: snooker but not pool?

Morning troop, kids are off and I was up to 11pm working, so Gilling a wee bit slow. Minecraft, crunchy nut and a coffee so far.

Kids are busy iut all day with my partner so I’m in working. Boo.

Morning kids,

Just had the weirdest ghost phone experience. There I was getting dressed and i definitely heard the unmistakable sound of an iPhone on silent vibrating as if someone was calling. And it sounded like it was in the room with me. I thought it must have been my other half’s that she had left upstairs but I couldn’t see it. But when I got downstairs she had her phone in her hand. But she heard the vibrating too, and was convinced that it was mine. STRANGE!

Tldr : ghosts have iPhones now


Had about an hour’s sleep :melting_face:

Imagine being haunted by someone making tiktok videos of you all the time


morning all

have been playing music loudly and tidying up since i got home

found a lindor and a cuff link

Not being haunted in your own house, but online instead.

Better than being ghosted by someone though?

Boring day of actually doing my job that I’m paid for - such suffering

Zero other plans apart from finishing my book and tidying some more, fine with me after a busy weekend and quite a few weekend plans ahead

Came 4th in pub quiz out of 11, not bad given half our team flaked on the day


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“Big wave surfers from as far afield as Portugal” - you mean, the only comparable other big wave surfing spot in the world?

Wouldn’t it be cool if Nazare was being held at the same time as when I go to Peniche for WSL in March?


That’d be amazing, but I think the winter swells that work there would be over

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You’d think so, but the dates for it are 1st Nov - 31 Mar, and I’ll be there early march. Fingers crossed.

With how cold it is a lindor cuff link would be pretty viable, although I’d probably eat it immediately.

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