It's Tuesday (no thanks)

Gonna treat myself to a bath

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There was quite a few results came up saying this when I googled it to see if they’d started including the title since I last changed it. Maybe they do think your first name is Mr


Her Indoors remarked “well that’s gross, how very UK government of them”


Similarly don’t utilities default to addressing the Mr first on an account even if the Ms set it up. Sigh.


My parents used to sometimes get letters addressed to “Mr & Mrs [Dad’s full name]” and that always wound me up even as a small kid


My aunt sent me a birthday card but I guess she doesn’t know my new surname so she addressed it to Mrs Firstname (HusbandFirstName) Maidenname. Glad he got a shout out wedged in the middle of my identity.


I would love to know the thought process behind this :smile:


My own Nan wrote us a Christmas card “meowington and BOYFRIEND” :joy::joy::joy: she forgot his name. I’d been with him for about 6 years at that point.


where 'bouts are you hun? Looks lovely and potentially close…

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I get annoyed by the number of letters my parents get addressed to Dr & Mrs. They both use Dr, and my mum got her PhD years before meeting my dad so she’s never been Mrs!


Need to find my DVD of this concert and drink about six hundred cans while watching it.

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Walked to Barnt Green (from Northfield/Longbridge).

There’s a footpath from near the junction of Longbridge Lane and the A441 that goes across the fields to Cofton Church Lane, then across the railway and into Barnt Green.

Can go across Cofton Park and down the path that starts on Chestnut Drive too. Both about a 5 mile walk from Longbridge station to Barnt Green. Or via the Lickeys, I suppose.

Lots of good walking (and muddy biking) around here.

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My mum got a beautiful letter from a childhood friend’s mum, so she called her for the first time in years, very emosh. Now they’re whinging about asylum seekers. ffs.


Survived my PA (it was fine - good, even)

Quite proud of how I’ve managed my anxiety and overthinking spirals about it over the last few days. Hope that bodes well for my current MH in general and my anx etc coping skills improving :muscle:


My mum started moaning about “the unemployed” and how much help they get. Oh yes, please let’s not help poor people of which you are one. Sigh

(She then made a remark about something inane that i was blocking out but heard her say, to M “finally, one thing women can do better”)

Great stuff, thanks for the detail mate. i’ve saved the details so will check it out when i get chance

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Beckett and stout week continues


anyone else?

Fine for me but just noticed a dearth of posts