It's Tuesday time

Alright? It’s officially the worst day of the week again and it’s suitably grey and rainy here. What’s on the agenda today then?


Really poor weather in Melbourne at the moment. Cold (I mean cold by Melb standards, like 5C at its coldest in the middle of the night, lol) and rainy.

Making pumpkin soup tonight. Hoping our daughter will actually eat some. Fingers crossed…

It’s the best day of the week as I’m off today. About to leave to drop the daughter off at nursery then torn between a mooch for a coffee and a city centre bird watch or a longer walk through the itchen valley. Worried that my hiking boots are the cause of my sore feet though

@robstation01 saw a spotted flycatcher yesterday. So we’re getting some nice things through around here now

Good. Morning.

Nice and sunny here and set to be a decent day.

Going to take the dog for a quick spin and then heading over to Cannock Chase to have a bimble about on the bike.

Didn’t sleep as I had a bangin headache all night. Awful. Managed to find some ibuprofen this morning but it’s wiped me out a bit.

Gonna eat brunch with my dad and then hang out not doing a lot. Won’t complain about that.

Has anyone else noticed that when you start a song on Spotify it sometimes starts playing about 30 seconds in, rather than at the start of the song?


I was drinking last night so I’ve been awake since 7am, as seems to be standard.

I’m picking my son up from the airport today as he is cat sitting whilst I’m at Primavera. Looking forward to seeing him.


Alright? Waiting in a slightly grim park while the car has its MOT. The nearby bins are overflowing and there’s a bloke playing the flute. I’ve just had a chocolate hazelnut croissant from the co-op.

Hurrah! Lovely little birds. I saw some when i was down south last week, which was good. Also saw a hobby and loads of corn buntings. Going to get some getting out and about done in the next week or so, including my annual 10pm look for Nightjars in a midge-filled forest.

We’re finally going to go more than 1km from our hotel this afternoon, and head into San Antonio. I wonder just how overpriced those seafront bars are - might have to get a pint from Cafe Del Mar anyway

And I can’t visit Spain without getting some freshly made churros, so we’ll be seeking some of that out too

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my mood is very fucking low.

Morning morning! I was asleep by about 10:30pm last night so was up and bouncing around at 6:45am. Have crossed off a bunch of coursework and interview related tasks before work.

Now to work-work. Got a small window for a potential swim at 12pm, hope I can go.

Hope they’re better at invesigating crime than they are at spelling…


Silly baby turned 3 today :open_mouth:

Packed her off to nursery but did one present and birthday breakfast of croissants beforehand.

First day back at work after a week off. No disasters in my inbox.


Turns out I can be massively sociable when a bit pissed on my own, think I’m turning into @safebruv


HP BD mini @Twinkletoes ! :cake:

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Careful now!!

It’s a positive change!

Or are you forewarning about getting into any SB hijinks

Hanson are on This Morning at 10:45 for any of you mmmmboppers out there.


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Not been on DiS for a while but i’m hoping to be back now. Hope everyone is well!

Bit grey weather here, currently got mini s_w napping on my chest but got to head out soon for her 6 week health visitor appointment. Going to grab a starbucks on the way back i reckon (i drive past a drive thru so itd be rude not to right!).