It's Tuesday


I’m still in bed. Here’s my day:

:shower: :coffee: :bike: :coffee: :books: :books: :bread: :books: :coffee: :biking_man: :pill: :green_salad: :tv: :sleeping:



starting a new job today!
thought the cycle (seven sisters -> london bridge) was going to be really rubbish but I did it yesterday and it’s piss easy
went to bed really early to be well-rested and bright for first day and ended up waking up at 5.30 :sleeping:


Good luck in your new job :+1:



Just had some wheatabix. And a coffee
Need to do the washing up then go to work. Run tonight (10km) then a quiet night at the TVs. :+1:

Anyone been to Vietnam before?


@Juke has I think!


Might be half term making the traffic okay?

Hope your first day goes well!


Morning all.

I appear to be having a relapse of last week’s cold. Balls.




Best day off the year


Urgh. Antibiotics seem to have taken the edge off my sore tooth but still feeling sorry for myself. Got a meeting with my boss and may give advanced warning of handing my notice in - can’t decide if it’s the right thing to do.


Morning. Slept like the dead which was lovely. Not too sure what were doing today meeting a lovely bunch of GBOLs later aside. Harry and Megan are at the castle so probably not there. Might gallery and museum it up today.


My day (the chocolate bars and sweets are the best emoji i could find to represent my job):



Bed is extra comfy today.


You work at Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory?


Not quite. I work for a retailer and I’m the person who orders all the easter eggs


It’s Jen Cloher Day for me today. A bit like Rusev Day but not really.

Seeing her play Rough Trade East in the afternoon and then again in the evening at Tufnell Park Dome.

(Happy Rusev Day everyone)


Morning all. It’s the last day of my holiday. Just finished making all my lunches and meals for the week at work. Off to the wetlands this morning before actual rain rains on the last day before going back to work. Might see Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion at the BFI tonight, or Edward Scissorhands. Eddie’s the better choice but it’s on later. Depends whether I fancy a heavy day’s work on four hours’ kip.
EDIT: Edward Scissorhands was released in 1990. Bloody hell. That makes me feel old.


Ah, makes sense. Hello fellow retailer (ish)


I’ve been to Vietnam.