It's Tuesday

Anything happening? I’m just having a coffee before heading to work.


Please note, the telly doesn’t normally live in the bedroom.

yeah I’m going for a run around the lakes


Had a cheeky lay in/cuddles with the baby. Picked the wrong day to do that. It’s a car crash today

I’m fucking tired tbh mate. Keep messing up my spelling because I woke up so early.

Need to smash through some brick walls (metaphorical) today so hope I can wake up a bit.

Strength to you today pal! :muscle:

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Meetings from 8-10, then it’s off to Amsterdam again. CBA with travel.

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Feel like walking tbh, but I’m not close to being financially stable to do that

In early because I’ve got a dress rehearsal for a show this afternoon. Sigh.

Might go and get breakfast downstairs.

guys I dunno if you noticed but it’s actually cool this morning! :smiley:

Wierd mood. Not sure what’s up. Ah well. Hope you all have a good day.

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hope you feel better soon mate :+1:


Going to take R for a haircut, this could be a breeze or a one hell of a tantrum.


good Morning

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Did a rehearsal for an improv show in Amsterdam on Friday last night with a group who are hugely more experienced than me and it was fucking amazing. Was in tears laughing at points, but just so cool to be doing stuff like this with people who are so good. Came out of there buzzing, and hugely excited for the show Friday night. Did mean I didn’t get back home till 12:30 though, so am a bit fried today.

What will wake me up though is going to see Idles in Utrecht tonight and interviewing them beforehand. Have been listening to their new album pretty much on loop lately, and there’s nothing better than going to see a band live at that moment where it just feels so vital to you, rather than getting into an album, then buying tickets to see them 6 months later or whatever. They were the highlight of Down The Rabbit Hole. I’m in the little video on their instagram shouting along in my hotdog costume 7 seconds in.

Also got a ton of work to do, because everyone’s realised I’m not going to be in next week, so have realised I have shit to get done. This means I’ll probably be posting loads and not doing it and stressing out, such is my nature.


Morning team! It’s really fucking breezy here today, I’m incredibly happy about this development. Just eating some crunchy nut cornflakes before leaving for work, got a prettty mundane day ahead I think but on a 3 day week due to a combo of appointments to go to and my sister’s wedding this weekend, so can’t complain. @kermitwormit I for one would welcome a screwdriver thread, go for it.


make sure you use smooth orange not the kind with bits in


Ah mate. I hope it’s a phase and things get better - I’ve had one of those moments recently but just got out the other side. If you want to rant at anyone feel free to slide into my DMs or whatever.