It's Tuesday


Anything happening? I’m just having a coffee before heading to work.


Please note, the telly doesn’t normally live in the bedroom.


yeah I’m going for a run around the lakes


Had a cheeky lay in/cuddles with the baby. Picked the wrong day to do that. It’s a car crash today


I’m fucking tired tbh mate. Keep messing up my spelling because I woke up so early.

Need to smash through some brick walls (metaphorical) today so hope I can wake up a bit.


I’m in a terrible mood.

Tv kept me up all night tossing and turning and snoring, I ended up on the couch. Still love him though.

Left the house without a jacket now I am freezing waiting for the tram.

Got a stupid email from one of my coworkers last night, knew I shouldn’t have read my emails at home.

Someone put a meeting in my calendar for 09:15. Wtf?

Also gonna have to do stuff at work that I’m not in the mood for. Today is just gonna be shit in general.


Strength to you today pal! :muscle:


Meetings from 8-10, then it’s off to Amsterdam again. CBA with travel.


Also just noticed I got bitten in the night. Grrrrrrr.




Feel like walking tbh, but I’m not close to being financially stable to do that


In early because I’ve got a dress rehearsal for a show this afternoon. Sigh.

Might go and get breakfast downstairs.


guys I dunno if you noticed but it’s actually cool this morning! :smiley:


Wierd mood. Not sure what’s up. Ah well. Hope you all have a good day.


hope you feel better soon mate :+1:


Going to take R for a haircut, this could be a breeze or a one hell of a tantrum.


Off to look after my dad this morning while his girlfriend goes to work- imagine he’ll just be sleeping so I’ll be drinking coffee and pissing about on here. Got a thread idea about screwdrivers but bet it’s been done :smiley:
Hope everyone who’s having a bit of a rubs day feels better :slight_smile:



good Morning