It's Tuesday


Did a rehearsal for an improv show in Amsterdam on Friday last night with a group who are hugely more experienced than me and it was fucking amazing. Was in tears laughing at points, but just so cool to be doing stuff like this with people who are so good. Came out of there buzzing, and hugely excited for the show Friday night. Did mean I didn’t get back home till 12:30 though, so am a bit fried today.

What will wake me up though is going to see Idles in Utrecht tonight and interviewing them beforehand. Have been listening to their new album pretty much on loop lately, and there’s nothing better than going to see a band live at that moment where it just feels so vital to you, rather than getting into an album, then buying tickets to see them 6 months later or whatever. They were the highlight of Down The Rabbit Hole. I’m in the little video on their instagram shouting along in my hotdog costume 7 seconds in.

Also got a ton of work to do, because everyone’s realised I’m not going to be in next week, so have realised I have shit to get done. This means I’ll probably be posting loads and not doing it and stressing out, such is my nature.


Morning team! It’s really fucking breezy here today, I’m incredibly happy about this development. Just eating some crunchy nut cornflakes before leaving for work, got a prettty mundane day ahead I think but on a 3 day week due to a combo of appointments to go to and my sister’s wedding this weekend, so can’t complain. @kermitwormit I for one would welcome a screwdriver thread, go for it.


make sure you use smooth orange not the kind with bits in


Ah mate. I hope it’s a phase and things get better - I’ve had one of those moments recently but just got out the other side. If you want to rant at anyone feel free to slide into my DMs or whatever.


Morning! Yesterday was my dad’s deathday anniversary and I was crying all day, got shit news over the weekend and basically I woke up with eyes like pepe the frog lol


Get to work all fine, no hassles on the journey, get my coffee. Then the colleague no one likes decides to tell me in detail about all the fuck ups another colleague made yesterday. You know what? I don’t care. Not my business. I do my job as well as I can. What others do is not my concern. Stop trying to prop up your own ego by finding others who are worse at their job than you, mate.




Sorry to hear that jb :frowning:

Hope today brings better feelings.


Alright niki et al?

Off to observe some students singing some Hindustani classical music and playing the harmonium at 11. It’s not often I say this but I do love my job sometimes.


If I had a pound for every time I’d heard that sentence, talk about boring! :wink:


Cheers boss :kissing_heart:


Another shite nights sleep.
Still managed to make it to the gym this morn so feeling good about that.

Gonna go put some more coffee on


Morning! Got some 3D printed eye tracking equipment at work so spending the day setting that up and figuring out what to do with it :nerd_face:


Got like 60 pages of notes to type up. Got a bit of stomach ache.

Got to ring the mortgage broker.

Pretty stressed at the moment like.


The best instrument.

Have fun :slight_smile:


Thank you! Love that kind of pumping air organ sound, gonna see if I can have a little dabble on one when the learners have finished :grinning:


Back to work for… 8 days. Hoping that’s enough time to finish this paper off, because I HATE IT


Morning! Rubs traffic this morning, but it did mean an extra 10 minutes of music on my journey to work which I filled with the Trentemoller / Run Jeremy version of Windowlicker, and the new Anna Meredith track.

I’ve got a daily meeting at 9am for this project I’m on, which started in mid-June and is going to go on until the end of August :confused:


Morning all.

Had to take the TV to the train station early this morning. Was up late watching mind melting psych rock last night. These two facts have not combined well. I do not feel good.

Got some coffee and crumpets though so I might just survive.

I hope all you lovely people are well today.


Woke up at half-six this morning to wake up my GF and make coffee for her. I’m pretty tired now.

Wore shorts into the office so I’m expecting some smart comments from either of my managers at some stage. Watching the match and going to one of my best mate’s birthday celebrations later though so FUCK IT.