It's Tuesday


Big :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: :zap: :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: over London at the moment, just woke me up. Lovely.

Work then a big flat clean and tidy is on the cards for me today. Exciting stuff.


Alright mush.

Off today. No idea what we’re up to though.


Might go and look at baby carriers


Sounds fun.

Hope this rain stops so cycle to work :thinking:


Irked that I can’t get back to sleep for another hour :triumph:

Actually going to the pub this evening, like a human with a social life! I’ve forgotten what that’s like.


I dunno. Means going to Southampton…


I assume your work systems were all back up yesterday?

Nothing like a good storm. This house we have here is one level with tin roofing so you really hear the rain big time, which is nice.


Wow. People are up early! The thunder didn’t wake me up though - I sleep through anything. A 200 year old oak tree fell down in my garden some years ago. Right outside my window. Slept through it. Clive woke me up by turning on the radio to listen to the news at 6am. Sigh…


Sadly yes


Ha ha.

(Sorry to hear.)


Heading to work. Loath my job.


Off to Copenhagen. Bit excited.


:grimacing: same


First day back at work after six days off. This level of dread and misery almost makes me want to never take holiday.

Big thunderstorm here though which is nice, if only because it finally feels cool enough for me to have a big mug of tea.


Have fun. Loved Copenhagen when I went.


This is great to hear. Thanks!


Decided to wfh today as I’m still in bed.

Completely messed up my routine as I was too tired to take a shower last night.

Had some crazy dreams.


Let’s have some stats, here are the top search terms for the last week:

Term Searches Click Through Unique
@Jeremys_iron 15 6 4
@Ruffers 12 1 4
lower slaughter 5 0 3
Forced music listening 5 0 3
@anon80418723 5 0 3
Dollop 4 2 3
@jeremys_iron 27 8 2
@Kermitwormit 6 2 2
Selfie 4 3 2
Cards against humanity 3 2 2
Umlaut 3 0 2
mercury prize 3 2 2
The killing moon 2 0 2
my vitriol 2 1 2
gaz coombes 2 0 2
@Epimer 11 10 1
brainf 7 0 1
great 7 5 1
facebook 6 1 1
kall 6 0 1
Netflix 6 4 1
@tilly 5 2 1
filth 5 1 1
awful 5 3 1

I’m assuming the ‘facebook’ search was just @1000YearBanFFS finding posts to reply to explaining how he’s not on Facebook.


‘Lower Slaughter’ is still the most popular search term. Five times in the last week alone!

Here’s a handy graph


Pretty intense last night: