It's Tuesday

Although you wouldn’t know it if you were looking for a daily thread before now


Anyway, here I am in the office again. It’s probably going to rain. I’ve left my umbrella in the car.

Please can someone have a more exciting day than me?

Drain is blocked. Learned this leaving the house and now can’t fix it until home, which means gonna come back to some misery when it’s rained, and it looks like it’s gonna rain heaps


Took the dog for a quick spin this morning then just about outran (outcycled*) the rain on the way to work. Forecast doesn’t look promising for the way home though.

More dismantling of the house to be done when I get home.


Slept well but still shattered. Full day of work and I cba. No excitement here, sorry @rob.orch

so last night in a dream i went crazy golfing with @kermitwormit for her birthday on an island in loch lomond :slight_smile:


Got wall to wall meetings today and am under-prepared for every single one of them, so obviously I’m sat here sipping a weak lemon drink and noodling on guitar.


In office #why?
Walked in and sat around the corner from my whole team.


Same. Big meeting/presentation at lunch but I’m like “hmm should go out for coffee and a walk before starting that presentation”

why do we do this

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Good start to the day

“Hey safebruv i’m on site can you have a quick look in the data why they only cut the 90% of the grass at this site”
"yes no problem…just loading it up…well they put that they completed 90% which is correct and the the reason why they didn’t do the other 10% is and i quote ‘Bees!!! And a lot of them!!’ "

Gotta go into the office in a bit and can’t find my trousers.


Working Blink 182 GIF


:smiley: I’d love that lopes!!

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Could call it The Bonnie Holes of Loch Lomond


The famous acid jazz percussionist


Argh - it’s one of those things where my view is the opposite to the DiS concensus.

The person right behind me is munching cereal in the office, and dinging their spoon against the side of the bowl. From what I recall most people here think this is accepable behaviour, but right now I want to scream at them to stop

s t r e s s e d

My word I’m so pathetic when I’m even slightly ill.

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Waiting for 5 records in three packages and just want one to turn up :frowning:

No motivation for anything otherwise. Tacos for tea which will be nice but have a staggered school pick up to navigate around wfh along with purchasing a shirt for cubs. Got counselling before that also which normally makes me want to go to bed after so whoop whoop here we go

Dunno where i picked this up from but this is really nice and helping


A new development in a whatsapp group I’m in - someone has started sending voice messages rather than text.

Is this normal behaviour? Am I the dinosaur for thinking this is somewhat unusual?

Morning DiS, I really want this but it’s silly expensive but I can’t stop looking at it: